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10 Career Options You Can Choose After Completing Data Science Course

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If you plan to join a data science course to make a successful career in the same domain, this is the right time to pursue the course. This is because, after the pandemic, almost every industry has disrupted around the world, and enterprises had no option but to adapt to the changes within a short time. The investment in data science and data analytics has therefore increased significantly.

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that involves extracting knowledge and insights from unstructured and semi-structured data using procedures, algorithms, and systems, then applying the conclusive decisions to different segments of organizations.

Because big data is used by many businesses and organizations to solve problems and improve services, equipping courses for data analytics or data science can lead to a wide range of professional opportunities. Here we will discuss the list of career options available for someone who has completed the data science course.

In-Demand Data Science Careers

Yes, this is true that automated machine learning developers are engaging in developing tools and techniques to carry out the procedure automatically. However, there is still a high demand for data science specialists to understand and visualize the terms stated in reports as per the need of the organization. Experts in data science are needed in all kinds of industries, from companies developing dating apps to government security. However, advanced education is required to join any career outlined in data science.

Here are some leading data science careers you can enter with an advanced degree.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for finding, cleaning, and organizing a large amount of complex raw and unstructured data to create patterns that can benefit organizations and help derive the needful decisions. The skills to refine the data can be attained by joining online certificate courses if you have already completed your undergraduate in relevant fields. If not, you can pursue your bachelor’s degree in data science.

Machine Learning Scientist

The job role of machine learning scientists is to investigate new data methodologies and algorithms, such as supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning techniques, to use in adaptive systems. Research Scientist or Research Engineer are common titles for machine learning scientists.

Data Engineers

Data Engineers work on acquired and stored data, executing batch or real-time processing. Data engineers also create and manage data pipelines that enable data scientists to access information by creating a robust and integrated data ecosystem within a business.

Machine Learning Engineers

Machine Learning Engineers develop data funnels and supply software solutions to different departments of organizations. Strong programming and statistics skills and a thorough understanding of software engineering are required to work in this field.

Machine Learning Engineers could be in charge of testing and monitoring the functioning and performance of machine learning systems and creating and building them.

Data Architect

Data architects ascertain that data solutions are developed for performance and create analytics apps that can be used across numerous platforms. In addition, to develop new database systems, data architects often strive to improve the performance and adequacy of existing database systems while making the work of data administrators and analysts easier.

Enterprise Architect

Every organization has a different mission and vision. An enterprise architect coordinates the strategy of running an organization with the technology required to achieve its goals. To meet the organization’s goals by changing the strategy, an enterprise architect must understand the business and its technology requirements.

Business Intelligence Developer

Business intelligence (BI) developers create techniques to help business users quickly access the data they need to assist them in making better business decisions. They use BI tools or design custom BI analytic solutions to help end-users comprehend their systems.

Infrastructure Architect

Infrastructure architect ensures that all business systems are operating at peak performance and can support the development of new technologies and system requirements. Cloud Infrastructure Architect, which comes under Infrastructure Architect, is a job title that supervises a company’s cloud computing strategy.

Application Architect

The application architect is responsible for tracking how business applications interact with one another and with users. Applications architects are also concerned with the architecture of applications, which includes elements such as the user interface and infrastructure.

Data Analyst

Data analysts transform and manipulate the big data to meet the needs of a company’s study. This job role might also include tracking web statistics and evaluating A/B testing in many firms. Data analysts also help with decision-making by generating reports for organizational leaders that effectively explain patterns and insights gathered from their research.

To become a data analyst, individuals must have a combination of soft and hard skills. Courses for data analyst are designed to teach them relevant skills and knowledge, and these courses can be attained online as well as offline.


If you want to make your career in data science, there are many ways you can follow to prepare yourself for these demanding yet intriguing professions. Pursuing an advanced degree program or upgrading your skills by joining the best data analysts or data science course is one method to gain those abilities and expertise. Hero Vired is an institution established by The Hero group that offers online courses in data science and analytics geared to help students gain the skills that businesses are looking for. Both programs also allow students to participate in co-ops and experiential learning experiences and gain valuable hands-on experience.

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