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15 Tips On How To Make a Good White Paper

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In a world where information is constantly being produced and shared, the white paper has been identified as an important marketing tool for generating leads. But what should you do to make sure your white paper is good? In this article, we will go over 15 key tips on how to ensure that your white paper is high quality.

1. White paper should contain a good title.

A white paper is normally an outstanding document that contains written content that educates people about a particular topic or product. Many companies have been using this method as a way to generate leads and boost brand awareness. But in order for a white paper to be effective, it should contain a very strong and catchy title. Otherwise, it will just be forgotten and disregarded by the reader.

2. White paper should have a good executive summary.

Even though a white paper usually contains a lot of technical information, it’s still important to write an executive summary so people who are reading it for the first time can have an idea about what they’re about to read. This is especially important because people who are looking for information about a certain topic usually don’t have the time to go through long texts. A good executive summary should be short, simple, and easy to understand so it can be read in just a few minutes or even seconds.

3. White paper should be formatted properly.

Many white papers are presented in PDF files. This is because PDF files are more flexible, organized and they contain a lot of features that can help improve the readability of the document. However, many amateur writers simply use Microsoft Office Word to create their white papers which aren’t very suitable for this kind of project. Using an appropriate software suite or editing platform will ensure that formatting, layout, and images will be properly arranged.

One good platform you can use is Venngage – an online infographic maker that also provides free white paper templates for everyone to use. Each white paper design that they offer is unique and can also be customized to your liking. Here are some of the best white paper examples from Venngage.




4. White paper should use more graphics than text.

A white paper is usually intended to educate people about a certain topic or product so it’s logical that the main elements of this document are words. However, you still need to make sure that your readers can digest data more easily. That’s why you should add more images and graphs to your white paper. A good rule of thumb is to use one image per 100 words; this will make it easier for people to look at the data and visualize certain concepts.

5. White paper should be easy-to-understand.

There’s no need to write a white paper using technical or industry-specific language. You can simply explain everything using simple and easy-to-understand terms so your readers won’t have to look for a dictionary just to understand what you’re trying to say.

6. White paper should be objective and professional.

It’s important that you maintain your objectivity when writing a white paper because people will look at it as a medium that is used to promote your company’s agenda. So if somebody were to read your white paper, they should think of you as an objective information source rather than somebody who wants to sell something. Professionalism is also important because you don’t want to have typos or formatting errors in your document since this might affect the credibility of your company as a whole.

7. White paper should be comprehensive.

A white paper is used to educate people about a specific topic or product so it’s important that you provide all the necessary information about these topics in an organized manner. If you think that some areas aren’t significant and they’re not worth mentioning, then it would be better if you just leave them out of your paper. You can also use some graphics to help break down the content of your paper into sections that are easier for people to understand.

8. White paper should be short.

Long white papers aren’t really useful because it will take too much time for people to read through everything. It’s better if you write a white paper that contains between 50 and 100 pages because it’s not too short yet not too long.

9. White paper should have a strong conclusion.

At the end of your white paper, you should summarize everything you said earlier so readers can have a good idea about what they just read. You can also mention some important points or facts that were presented at the beginning of your paper because it will provide a sense of continuity to your document. It’s also important to tell readers what they should do next after reading your white paper so you can increase the chance of getting them to take action.

10. White paper should be persuasive.

Your white paper is there to convince people about your product or service so it’s important to make sure that your document is persuasive enough. Make sure that you highlight the benefits of using your product instead of focusing on its features.

11. White paper should be error-free.

If there are some errors in your white paper, then you’ll lose the trust and respect of your readers. Be sure that your writing is accurate and you know what you’re talking about because this will not only make your white paper more credible but it will also improve its readability.

12. White paper should be original.

There’s no need to copy or steal content from online sources because if you do so, people might think of you as an unoriginal writer and this will create a negative image of your company. So make sure that you write everything in your own words so you can avoid any problems in the future.

13. White paper should be written specifically for your target market.

A white paper is different from other content-based documents because it needs to provide value to specific types of people. If you want your white paper to work properly, then it should target a specific audience.

14. White paper should be easy to read.

If you have too much useless information in your white paper, then people will have a hard time reading through everything. So make sure that you remove all unnecessary data or content from your document because this will make it easier for people to understand.

15. White paper should have a clear purpose.

A white paper isn’t just another word document that you can use to express your ideas. Because it’s different from an article or essay, it should have its own distinct goal or message. If you want people to read your white paper, then it needs to have a clear purpose. A white paper is a content-based document that’s different from an essay or article because it needs to provide value for specific types of people. If you want your white paper to work, then it should target a particular audience and be easy to read with no errors. After reading this guide on how to write effective white papers, we hope that you’ll have the skills necessary to create one that will help educate readers about topics like customer behavior in marketing strategies or what makes persuasive writing successful. If you’re still hesitant, you can make your white paper with Venngage today!

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