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5 Common Mistakes in Car Detailing and How to Avoid Them

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Around 66% of Americans wash their vehicles twice a month, which shows how much we prioritize cleaning our vehicles.

Learning how to properly detail cars is essential for extending their lifespan and preventing future problems down the road. But, if you’re new to car detailing, it’s difficult knowing which mistakes to avoid. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to learn the common car detailing errors and need a nudge in the right direction.

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to avoid the top mistakes in car detailing.

1. Not Using Microfiber Towels

You can’t reap the benefits of car detailing if you don’t have the right materials. At the very least, invest in microfiber towels because they don’t leave behind residue that can affect the paint job. If you lack the tools, you should also view these car detailing brushes to start collecting car detailing supplies.

2. Following Incorrect Car Wash Practices

Not following the right car washing practices can wreak havoc on the automobile. For instance, avoid washing your vehicle in direct sunlight as it will dry up the product, making it harder to remove water spots.

You should also avoid cleaning from top to bottom. This is because when you’re tackling the tires, if there is any dirt, it could splash onto the newly cleaned body. Because of this, you must go over to your previous job, which takes far longer.

3. Applying the Wrong Cleaning Agents

A crucial part of the car detailing process is using the right products. Never use household washing soap, as it contains chemicals that can corrode the car’s wax and sealant. Instead, use specialized products like a clay bar that tackles dirt without harming the paint.

You should also use carpet shampoo for the interior floor, as regular hair products are impossible to dry, often causing mildew or mold to develop. And, before cleaning car windows, make sure that you’re using an ammonia-based cleaner as it will protect your interior.

4. Overwaxing

Motorists shouldn’t fall into the trap of overwaxing their vehicles. A good rule of thumb is only applying two coats so that it properly bonds to the paint. Ideally, you’ll have one as the base layer, and the second will cover any missed spots during the first round.

5. Not Cleaning Towels Properly

Sure, you’ve got a pack of microfiber towels, but are you cleaning them properly?

Ideally, you’ll wash each one after use so that they’re ready for next time. The beauty is that they’re easy to wash; simply throw them into the machine, and you’re good to go. And don’t forget a generous amount of fabric softener!

Avoid These Top Mistakes in Car Detailing

Hopefully, you’ll avoid making these mistakes in car detailing.

There are many common errors that motorists make, such as not using microfiber towels and forgetting to wash them. You should also only apply two layers of wax and invest in the right cleaning agents for your vehicle. Good luck!

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