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Antakshari Full Movie

In this Antakshari Full Movie Online 2022 review, we’ll discuss the cast, Priyanka Mohan, and Vipin Das. Despite the movie’s high-profile cast, it’s hard to recommend this film. But what if you want to see more of these three stars in one movie? Read on to find out! And be sure to check out our other reviews for these actors!

Antakshari Full Movie Online 2022

The trailer for Antakshari (Antakshari) catches our eye, but the movie itself does not. The film is directed by Vipin Das, whose previous work includes Mudhugauv (2016), about an eccentric don who suffers from a strange condition. This movie, on the other hand, follows the story of a police officer who gets hooked on playing the antakshari. Keep reading we will tell where and how to watch Antakshari Full Movie.

As an action film, Antakshari isn’t a particularly exciting movie, but it has its moments. Its tone is uneven and the storyline feels half-baked. Although it is filled with tense moments, Antakshari is a fun, albeit strange, thriller. Those who don’t like tense thrillers might want to look elsewhere. If the story arcs better, it might have made for a much better film.

The story begins with Das (Saiju Kurup), a police station in-charge in a misty rubber plantation. While investigating a crime, he gets a mysterious phone call from someone he can’t identify. The man then taunts him and threatens Das and his daughter. This is when the film begins to get interesting. But the twists and turns don’t end there, as we see Das in action during the film’s third act.

Antakshari Full Movie

Antakshari Full Movie Cast

Saiju Kurup

In his debut film, Saiju Kurup plays a cop named Das, who is a devoted and upright circle inspector who is obsessed with the popular Bengali delicacy Antakshari. A senior colleague assumes that his parents named him Yesudas, and he has earned the nickname “The Singing Policeman.” He is not a softie, however, and his obstinate streak is reflected in his adoration of Antakshari. However, when he receives a phone call from a mysterious caller, Das is irritated, as he finds out that he is not alone in liking Antakshari. He calls the mysterious caller, who leaves a voicemail message for Das, and soon the mystery begins.

Vipin Das’ Antakshari is an unconventional film that defies the conventional Hollywood formula. While it makes use of OTT techniques to keep its audience engaged, Vipin Das doesn’t rely on histrionics to entertain, instead choosing to show the world through the eyes of a young, less privileged boy, who falls in love with an eccentric police officer. The film is set in a secluded house at night, making the climax all the more effective. Keep reading to know about Antakshari Full Movie online.

Priyanka Mohan

Priyanka Mohan is a happy married woman who stumbles upon a young man who is obsessed with her and wants to make his presence felt. Director Dinesh Baboo narrates a love story with a thriller twist. The film is based on the murder of a techie in the HSR Layout area of Bangalore. It is reminiscent of the 1997 thriller Amruthavarshini, but it is largely uninspiring and a bit dated.

The film stars Priyanka Mohan and Dhyan Sreenivasan. It is directed by Vipin Das and stars Saiju Kurup, Sudhi Koppa, and Vijay Babu. It will soon be available on Sony Live streaming. Priyanka Mohan plays a female detective who falls in love with a man named Das.

Vipin Das

Antakshari is a Malayalam thriller directed by Vipin Das. The film is produced by Jeethu Joseph. The cast includes Boban Samuel, Saiju Kurup, Priyanka Nair, and Sudhi Koppa. The film can be watched on SonyLIV. Vipin Das’ Antakshari Movie 2022 review will be published on his blog.

As a director, Vipin Das’ previous films have been comedy entertainers, but his latest is a psycho-thriller with a twist. The movie follows multiple characters, without assigning a chronological order at the beginning. Instead, the incidents connect to the film’s main arc. The film focuses on childhood trauma, which is one of the major themes of Antakshari.

Vipin Das sets the tone right from the very start of the film, with a young woman leaving her living room to make a sneaky call. The exteriors of the house are dark and can send shock waves throughout the audience. Thankfully, the story begins innocently in a village during the day. Although the characters are often unreliable, Vipin Das’ script and direction will not disappoint.

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