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AVDBS – What is AVDBS Full Form?

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AVDBS Full Form

The AVDBS Full Form is “Victor David Brenner’’, “Virtual Data Base’’, “Vereinigung Deutsche Backtechnik” and “Video Distribution Box’’. Apart from these, AVDBS has many other full forms listed below.

Virtual Data Base – A Virtual Data Base (VDB) is a federated database. A federated database allows an organization to share and analyze data from multiple systems. It helps improve the customer experience, clinical performance, and financial results. This article will look at some of the benefits of a Virtual DB. Read on to learn more. This article also contains examples of how to use a VDB. You can find more information at http://virtualdatabase.com/.

A VDB has many benefits and uses one or more schemas. All of these schemas must be in a valid state to facilitate data access. Each schema is independent and encapsulated into its own memory location. A query loop constructs a key, bringing a bucket into focus. Each bucket accumulates values of an aggregate function. When the loop ends, it visits all of the buckets. These processes are known as iterative.

The virtual data base implementation implements a special data structure called buckets. Each bucket has a key and one or more memory locations. When a query is executed, the VDBE brings the bucket containing the key into focus. The key is then used to construct a new table, where the buckets accumulate aggregate functions. Each time the query loop finishes, the data structure is visited once more. These changes are permanent. The Virtual Data Base can be a great tool for agile software development.      

Mainly AVDBS stands for “Victor David Brenner’’ and “Vereinigung Deutsche Backtechnik“.

AVDBS Full Form

All AVDBS Full Forms with Hindi Meanings

Victor David Brennerविक्टर डेविड ब्रेनर
Virtual Data Baseवर्चुअल डेटा बेस
Vereinigung Deutsche Backtechnikवेरेइनिगंग ड्यूश बैकटेक्निक
Video Distribution Boxवीडियो वितरण बॉक्स
Verein Deutscher Bibliothekare eVवेरेइन ड्यूशर बिब्लियोथेकरे ईवी
Video Display Bufferवीडियो प्रदर्शन बफर
Voltage Driven Breakdownवोल्टेज प्रेरित टूटना
Variable Default Boundaryचर डिफ़ॉल्ट सीमा
Vendor Burned Downविक्रेता जल गया
Variable Declining Balanceपरिवर्तनीय गिरावट संतुलन
Visual Database Systemsविजुअल डेटाबेस सिस्टम
Virus Data Baseवायरस डेटा बेस
Violent Death Bereavement Societyहिंसक मौत शोक समाज
Android Virtual Deviceएंड्रॉइड वर्चुअल डिवाइस
Annals of Vascular Diseasesसंवहनी रोगों के इतिहास
Advanced Video Discउन्नत वीडियो डिस्क
Alternate Voice and Dataवैकल्पिक आवाज और डेटा
Audio Video Designऑडियो वीडियो डिजाइन
Automobilclub von Deutschlandऑटोमोबिलक्लब वॉन Deutschland
Academy of Veterinary Dentistryपशु चिकित्सा दंत चिकित्सा अकादमी
Aortic Valve Diseaseमहाधमनी वाल्व रोग

In the above table you must have seen all Full Forms of AVDBS in Hindi Meaning. Now we are going to discuss some more useful information which is frequently asked by you.

Frequently Asked Question for AVDBS

1. What AVDBS stands for?

Answer: The AVDBS stands for “Victor David Brenner“, “Virtual Data Base“, “Vereinigung Deutsche Backtechnik“.

2. What is the Full Form of AVDBS?

Answer: The full forms of AVDBS is “Victor David Brenner“, “Video Distribution Box” and “Vereinigung Deutsche Backtechnik“.

3. What is AVDBS Full Form in English?

Answer: The AVDBS Full Form in English is “Victor David Brenner“.

4. What is AVDBS Full Form in Hindi?

Answer: There are many full form of AVDBS but AVDBS Full Form in Hindi is ‘Victor David Brenner’ = ‘अवैतनिक अवकाश’.


So if I conclude every word has different meaning. Finally we can conclude by saying that most used full forms of AVDBS are “Victor David Brenner“, “Vereinigung Deutsche Backtechnik“, “Virtual Data Base” and “Video Distribution Box“.

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