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Being bullied by a teacher

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Teachers are human beings too, nothing human is alien to them. Some of the students they like more, others they don’t like at all. Of course, this does not justify the teacher, who does not hide their contempt for you. This situation can affect not only your grades but also the health of the nervous system.

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Why the teacher does not like you

Is this true, and why have you suddenly come to this conclusion? To ascertain this, you need to answer several questions honestly:

Does the teacher behave this way with everyone or only with me?

Did the unpleasant situation happen a couple of times or does it happen all the time?

Why did they grade me low on my exam, not let me defend my exam, or did something else I didn’t like?

To what extent am I following the rules set by the university and the educator himself in his classes? Don’t I have an off-scale number of absences, constant lateness, and systematic failure to complete work?

The answers to these questions will cool down a little bit the sense of injustice and perhaps a quiet voice of reason will be heard: you miss classes, do not do assignments, are regularly late, and are rude to the instructor. If this state of affairs becomes obvious, then the attitude of the teacher is justified, but the offense is inappropriate.

The teacher is not your father, not your mother, and not even your older sister and brother. In general, it is not their job to love you, and if they see that the student is behaving ” not by the rules “, it is logical that the attitude towards them should be appropriate.

Teachers are quite jealous of their subjects. It is offensive to them, humanly, when some of the students do not even try to show the slightest interest. Hence, there may be a reaction of disapproval, dictated by resentment. But if you just turn your face a little bit to the subject, the teacher will immediately show sympathy for you. At least, you can always ask for help from the best writing services if you are not interested in doing those assignments yourself.

If the answers to the above questions only confirmed the fact of being bullied by the teacher, you should resort to retaliatory measures.

Why the teacher might bully you

It is worth understanding that a mentally healthy person with adequate self-esteem, who is fully accountable for his actions, will never engage in bullying. The cause of bullying is always hidden within the person who is causing it.

When it comes to bullying by classmates, slightly different principles apply. One person, perceived as the leader, starts the process, and the rest of the pack picks it up, thereby proving their unity with the group. As a rule, the victims of bullying are newcomers or those who are different in some way: too small, tall, thin, fat, smart, stupid, or strange according to the group leader.

If bullying is suddenly taken up by an adult and an established person, of course, it does him or her no credit. In this case, it is not the laws of the pack, but a personal dislike. It can arise for different reasons, but the essence is the same: something in you clings to the ego of the teacher, questioning his significance, and hurts his sense of self-importance. Maybe you are somehow similar to the person who hurt them a lot 10 years ago, and now they have the opportunity to get even.

Digging for reasons does not make sense. Only an experienced psychologist can get inside another person’s head, and not even everyone. But it is important to realize that the reason for the bullying is not that you are not good enough. And in general, the problem is not with you, but with the teacher.

Let’s see what to do about it.

How to stop bullying

Don’t rush to the chancellor or call the hotline with a passionate complaint.

Even if the bullying is because there were attempts at harassment by a professor, which you strongly rejected, you should be extremely cautious. If you don’t have any evidence of what happened, it will be very difficult to convince anyone of the truth of what you say. There is a high probability that you will be the one who will end up being the bad guy.

Bullying is a very powerful test of strength. If you can get through this thorny forest with dignity, you can consider yourself a hero. But unfortunately, not everyone is strong enough to pass the test, to show your strength to the bully so he feels like a cowardly hare.

Do not show weakness

The easiest thing you can do in case of bullying is to lie down and cry. You can do this for a day or two, but no more. Under no circumstances should you show your weakness to the bullying teacher. If your teacher has a problem with the head, you just amuse his ego, so he feels complete power over you and will continue to haze.

Find out the reason for the undervalued grade

If you do not agree with the assessment of the academic work, you can challenge it. First of all, ask the teacher yourself. He may indeed have made a mistake, and he will have no choice but to correct the grade. If the instructor refuses to discuss the subject, however, you can appeal to the dean’s office.

Learn to respond

To resist bullying of any kind you need to have “teeth”. If you do not have them – grow them urgently. You don’t have to bite anyone, but you need to learn how to talk so that the offender feels: that it is better not to mess with you. You have to have a rational and logical response to everything, said with a pronounced sangfroid, with a metallic tone.

For example, you are told:

“You’ve got the reference list wrong. Don’t you have the brains to find a semicolon on your keyboard? Is that difficult for you?”

The answer might go something like this:

“Surely many people forget about the semicolon, and this is not at all a sign of lack of intelligence. Consequently, you have just deliberately insulted me. What did you do that for?”

The phrase must necessarily end with a question addressed to the instructor, forcing him to explain the behavior. Believe me, with this phrase you will put the offender in a complete stalemate. He knows perfectly well that students should not be insulted. And if you are so thoughtful, you might record the insult, and then he will have a hard time.

Learn how to manage other people’s attention

If the teacher brought the habit of insulting you in public, exposing you to the ridicule of the whole group, you need to do about the same, only in a more elegant form.

For example, a situation like this:

“It seems that the length of your skirt is fully consistent with the ability”.

When the whole group laughs heartily at the hilarious joke, smile and say:

“Thank you for paying so much attention to my legs. I see you like them”.

Chances are the fan of scintillating humor is strongly embarrassed and will no longer try to prick you. The fact is that people who are prone to harass and ridicule others are rather cowardly by nature. All this taunting is their defensive reaction to the world. Being in a position of strength, they take it out on those who in their opinion are weaker. It is enough to show their strength, and the bullying will immediately stop.

You may need help to learn how to react intelligently to the actions and phrases of the teacher who decided to bully you. Working with a psychologist greatly speeds up the process of learning self-defense skills. But you can start by practicing on your own, imagining or even describing on a piece of paper various situations where someone had the nerve to put you in an awkward position. Think about how best to respond to this or that rudeness, ridicule, or inadequate behavior.

Train this ability daily, until you feel that the process has reached automatism. You don’t have to be a veteran complainer to solve the problem of bullying; it’s better to learn a useful life skill.

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