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Best Practices When Using VoIP For Business

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VoIP For Business

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology has long since been people among consumers, and this popularity is only growing. Businesses are also adopting VoIP and dropping landlines in large numbers. It is quite convenient to use VoIP for business applications, but there are a few tips that businesses can follow to get the best results.

Follow these best practices when using VoIP for your business.

Use Wired Connections When Possible

One of the most important things that you can do when using VoIP for your business is to utilize wired Ethernet connections. This is because wired connections provide a more reliable link and more bandwidth than wireless connections. While this is advantageous no matter what, it is especially important when making a VoIP call. This is because the call could cut in and out or disconnect if the connection is unreliable.

Have VoIP Desk Phones In Your Office

Many VoIP companies now make desk phones that look almost identical to traditional landlines. It’s a good idea to use these in your office when possible instead of giving everyone a VoIP-enabled mobile phone.

These desk phones are significantly cheaper than mobile phones. Also, you can have one phone per desk, even if multiple people work from that desk every day. Finally, VoIP desk phones have ports for Ethernet cables, allowing them to use a steady wired connection. 

Download VoIP Apps On All Company Cell Phones

While it might not be a good idea to issue every employee a VoIP-enabled cell phone, it may be a good idea for employees who already have company cell phones to use VoIP apps. These apps allow employees to make calls over the Internet from wherever they can get a WiFi connection.

There are two main benefits that businesses will see from having employees use VoIP apps on their cell phones. First, it will save the company money. Second, these calls can be run through the same analytics software used with the VoIP desk phones in the office.

Use Specialized Analytics Software

Businesses are investing more and more time and money into analytics. Software companies have responded by creating a wide variety of specialized analytics programs. There are even programs designed specifically to be used with VoIP systems. Such programs will give businesses the most accurate data and the widest range of analytics, so this software would certainly be worth the investment.

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