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Different Types Of Bottled Water: Popular Water Types By Torques Jal Mineral Water Brands

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Bottled Water

Water is the most crucial part of life, whether humans, animals, plants, or any living organism. It is a known fact that one cannot live without water. It is vital for health, making one healthy, and making the organs function properly. Drinking 8 glasses of water daily is the optimum amount of water for an adult. But, it is not just about the amount of water one consumes, but also about the type of water that one drinks. 

However, when it comes to choosing the right water to drink, the number of options can seem a bit intimidating. There are several choices to choose from, like torques jal mineral water bottle, and each tends to have its pros and cons. Mineral bottled water is usually one of the major choices among people. But, here is a complete list of the various drinking water choices to choose from apart from tap water.


Springwater is mineral water only but is bottled at glaciers or springs. They are not purified and instead are raw and unfiltered. They have many minerals and are free from toxins. It can be good for health, and also one can find many reputed brands selling spring water. 

Mineral water

Mineral water is water from the direct source with all the minerals and electrolytes in it naturally. It is purified to remove harmful contents, but the minerals are not purified. The mineral water is bottled up and then sold by some major brands like torques jal mineral water brands. They can be costly compared to tap water, but they can be highly beneficial for health. Mineral water is known to help improve bone health, digestion, blood pressure, muscle health, etc. 

Sparkling water

Sparkling water is another name for soda water. One can find various brands like torques jal mineral water brands selling sparkling water, which is nothing but mineralized water carbonated under pressure. The added carbon dioxide helps in giving a fizzy feel to the water, which can be a good change from the usual water. However, one thing to be careful about is that many brands tend to add sweeteners to sparkling water, which can be harmful to health in the long run. 

Infused water

Infused water is flavored water that is sweetened and flavored by artificial flavors or natural fruits and flavorings. This can be a great alternative to the natural water that sometimes seems tasteless. One thing to keep in mind is that this type of water is not to be consumed daily, as it can cause harm to health due to its added sugar and artificial flavors. 

Alkaline water 

Alkaline water is a type of water that has more PH than general tap water. This type of water is also infused with ORP and is sold by many brands. However, there is very little scientific proof that this type of water is beneficial. Also, consuming it daily can cause side effects and lower the PH of the stomach, thus preventing the killing of bacteria. 

Choosing the right torques jal mineral water bottle should depend on availability, taste, benefits, and cost. 

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