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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Shake

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Cannabis Shake

So you’ve heard of a cannabis shake, but you’re not exactly sure what it is or if it’s something you should try. We get it. The idea of a weed shake can sound a little vague.

The term “shake weed” has been around for a while. Unlike what you might imagine, it doesn’t refer to the thick, creamy milkshakes you get with your McDonald’s meal. It’s actually what we use to describe the leftover pieces of weed that you “shake” out of your flower.

Of course, you don’t want to waste those crumbs, but what can you do with them? That’s where shake weed leftovers come into play. Pile them up, store them right, and you’ll be amazed at how those little shaken pieces of flower can extend the life of your stash. You can buy weed online.

1. How to Collect Your Shake Weed

No matter how you store your cannabis, little crumbs will always be leftover. Right now, you probably brush those crumbs into the trash, lamenting the waste but not thinking much about it.

Now imagine if you stored your weed in a jar. You use the same jar for a few months, keeping your stash fresh but leaving the crumbs of cannabis at the bottom of the jar. Over time, the more flower you put in the jar, the more weed shake you have at the bottom.

You can use these crumbs for other cannabis-friendly goodies when they sit long enough.

2. Cannabis Shake Weed Versus Nugs

What confuses many people about shake weed is that they think it’s similar to a nug. The two are actually quite different.

Nugs are a self-contained piece of the plant that can be smoked just as it is. Shakes are a pile of everything in a nug, from the trichomes to the hair, but they also contain the seeds, trim, and stems.

Because of the mixture in shake, not everyone likes to smoke it. The extra plant material is harsher on your body and doesn’t taste as smooth as nugs or flowers. Remember that the shake has been sitting for a while as you wait to collect enough to use, so the THC could be less potent. At some point, it turns into cannabinol, which is relaxing rather than stimulating.

Some companies that sell “budget-friendly” weed are giving you these leftover shake weed crumbs. If you don’t mind paying less and getting lower-quality weed, this is a good way to get it. However, using a variation of multiple strains of cannabis means you’re not guaranteed what kind of effects you’ll feel.

3. What You Can Do With Cannabis Shake

If you don’t want to chance the cocktail effect you could get from a rainbow of cannabis strains, consider using your shake weed another way. This article by Veriheal explains how to extend the life of your cannabis shake stash with a few creative methods.

Start by finding a way to store your flowers that gives you the best opportunity to save the crumbs. A jar works perfect for this, but if that’s not your ideal method, whatever you find keeps your stash fresh is perfect.

Then, keep replacing your cannabis as you use it, but as you remove it from the container, “shake” it a little to get the leftovers loose while they can be caught.

When you have enough shake weed, try one (or all) of these cannabis treats with the leftovers:

  • Make a cannabis-infused tea by putting the shake weed in a tea strainer and letting it steep in hot water for two to three hours. Before drinking, sweeten as you would any other tea.
  • Use your cannabis shake to make edibles like cannabutter, cannaflour, or cannabis oil.
  • Make cannabis tinctures, concentrates, and oils with your shake.
  • Use the leftover flower to create a topical cream or salve, then add extra vitamins and essential oils for scent and moisture.
  • Add finely ground, decarbed shake to your drink.

You can use these ideas, or explore your own methods of making the most of the leftover cannabis trimmings you have in your container.


The amazing thing about cannabis shake is that you already have it waiting to be collected and used. It’s still somewhat potent, and it can be integrated into a variety of products. You can’t guarantee the strain unless you use the same kind to collect the crumbs, but they all work well in edibles, tinctures, and other methods. If you don’t want to smoke your shake, you have plenty of other ways to take advantage of these pieces of delectable flower magic.

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