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Free Daily Horse betting tips

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Horse betting tips

Free horse racing predictions or free bets are a great way to win big at horse races without having to pay anything out of pocket. The good thing about them is they offer you the chance to get extra value from each bet. They also allow you to try new horses without risking much. Below are some of the free tips we have for you.

Check for your horse’s form. 

If you feel that your chosen horse is not in tip-top shape, then look elsewhere. You can find plenty of south african gambling sites that will give you this information for free. It would be worth looking through their site and seeing if you can see any other horses with similar forms. It might just save you money in the long run!

Read up on the jockey. 

This guy is most likely going to be responsible for making sure that the horse wins. However, he has very little control over what happens during the race. Therefore, there is always more than one way that the race could turn out. What do these numbers tell you? How well does he fare when he goes against different types of opposition? Does he seem comfortable in certain conditions? These answers will help you decide whether you want to back him or not.

Look for the best odds available.

There are lots of best australian online casino sites where you can place your wagers. Some may even let you place multiple bets per day. So, make sure you take advantage of all the options given to you by the site. Make sure that you choose the ones that fit best with your budget. For example, if you have a tight budget, then you should stick to those which offer the cheapest prices.

Always put something down.

Most people don’t realize that by placing an amount down, you’re buying yourself insurance. If the horse doesn’t perform as expected, then you’ll still come out ahead because you haven’t lost any of your original investment.


You need to use a bit of common sense when deciding this. You want to get the biggest return possible, but you also want to ensure that you don’t lose too much of your own money. With the above advice, I’m hoping you will be able to pick out a winning tip soon.

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