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Fritzbox 4020 WLAN router failed to connect with modem?

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Fritzbox 4020

Fritzbox 4020 WLAN router is the wireless device that provides the best network connectivity. It transmits a full speed wireless network to the entire home like a mesh point. Any wireless device can easily approach and connect with this router. In the fritzbox router you will get 4 multiple ethernet ports. By using these ports you can easily establish the wired connection by connecting your device using cable. The frequency of this router is awesome; it will cover all the weak spots and single corners of your house. It has 1 USB port. By using this you can easily connect the USB devices like : Printers, Storage devices and more.

Including all these the smart indicators light make it more attractive to this device.The design and shape is too unique. The LED indicator indicates the actual status of your Fritzbox 4020 WLAN router like internet connectivity status, Working status and more. In order to use all the advanced features of your router you must need to set up at first. Just need to access the fritz.box login page by typing default IP. After accessing it’s easy to set up your router and make changes.

Why should I need to connect a modem with the Fritzbox 4020 WLAN router?

The Fritzbox 4020 router provides you 2.4ghz network frequency. It will provide an extended network in all over areas of your house. The network range of this wireless router is amazing and blazing, That will never depressed you. On the back side there are WAN ports available that support connecting modem devices. By using these ports you can easily connect the modem with the wireless router.

You must connect a modem with your Fritzbox 4020 WLAN router. Because to enhance the wireless network and use a high speed connection the smart modem must be required. By connecting your smart modem to the router you can easily enjoy wireless networks in your whole house in any corner. So a smart modem must be required.

Fritzbox 4020 router not connecting with modem?

By connecting your modem with the WAN port of your fritz box router which is available on the back side can easily establish the connection. The modem amplifies the network and provides a wide area network. But many times users will get issues during connecting modem to the wireless router.  So here are some reasons behind this issue.

  • Modem not connected proper to the router
  • Ethernet cable damaged.
  • Fritzbox router not configured properly.
  • WAN port damaged.

Troubleshooting steps to fix the not connecting issue

If your Fritzbox 4020 router is not connecting with the smart modem the reasons may be various you can check the common issues that are discussed above. So we are trying to fix the issue. Let’s explore.

Connect modem to the fritzbox router properly

If your modem is not connected proper or accurately to the fritzbox router. Then the problem can occur. Be sure that your modem is properly connected. If your modem is placed too far from the router it may cause an error. So place it at the nearest location of your router. Remove if there is any kind of network obstacle. Use the working electric outlet and power “ON” both devices.

Check ethernet cable

If the connected ethernet cable is damaged then the router will not connect with the modem. Check the ethernet cable is connected and not damaged, If damaged change the cable and try to connect again, It may start working.

Configure fritz box router properly

If you do not configure your router properly and skip any step then you may face this kind of issue. To configure you must connect your fritzbox router with the device and in the URL box or enter http://fritz.box it will take you to the admin page. After logn can modify settings.

WAN port damaged

If all given steps did not work you must verify that the WAN port is working properly and supported to connect with the modem. If not you must change your fritzbox router.

Update the latest firmware

If your router firmware version is outdated and not updated time by time. It may cause many problems. In order to update you must visit the official website and download the latest firmware version of your Fritzbox 4020 WLAN router. Then open the router settings and click to the firmware update and select your downloaded file. Then click to update. In this way you can easily update the firmware.

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