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Iceberg Theory – 5 Examples of Iceberg Technique in Video Games

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Iceberg Theory

If you’ve ever read a novel, you’ve likely read something that explains the “Iceberg Theory.” What does this mean? You might be surprised to learn that it applies to more than just books! It also applies to staff selection, content marketing, and video games. This article will give you a brief rundown of what you should consider when using this principle in your own writing. Read on to discover more! If you’d like to read more about this theory, click through to learn more!

Ernest Hemingway’s iceberg theory

“The real meaning of a story lies below the surface,” wrote Ernest Hemingway. His minimalistic style was a way to distance himself from his characters, and his stories often left a lot of details unspoken. The iceberg theory also applies to writing fiction. For example, the audience sees the action, dialogue, and plot, but the deeper meaning lies below the surface, where a reader can’t see it.

In nature, icebergs are only 20% full, so it takes 80% of the total size of the iceberg to make up the visible 20%. Writers must strip away the 80% of the story in order to create the visible 20%. Similarly, Ernest Hemingway’s “iceberg theory” applies to writing, which explains that he omitted many things in order to make his stories more authentic and readable.

Hemingway’s iceberg theory in video games

The use of Hemingway’s iceberg technique is not new to literary works. In fact, he used it in his novels as well. As a journalist, he had limited space to use. He thought the iceberg theory created the perfect short story. The more details you strip away, the more powerful the story is. The following are five examples of Hemingway’s iceberg technique used in video games.

The Iceberg theory was coined by Ernest Hemingway, a writer who often focused on the immediate events of a story, as if it were an icy lake. Hall believed that culture is like an iceberg, with 90% hidden beneath the surface and only ten percent seen by readers. To make a compelling game, the author must know his subject well. This is why he omitted certain details.

Hemingway’s iceberg theory in staff selection

Employing Hemingway’s iceberg-theory in your staff selection process will help you identify the key competencies your employees possess. People who have deep knowledge of a subject are more likely to be trusted than those who lack the necessary expertise. On the other hand, people with superficial knowledge will easily show their true colors. The iceberg theory is applicable to both hiring managers and human resource practitioners.

Choosing the right person for a job is difficult but essential. Small business owners, for example, value creativity and a commitment to solving problems. However, resumes only tell about the skills and knowledge an applicant has, not the motivation or characteristics they possess. Using Hemingway’s iceberg theory, you can determine a person’s true character and motivation. This theory will help you make the best hires for your small business.

Hemingway’s iceberg theory in content marketing

While Hemingway’s “Iceberg Theory” is best known for his novels, it is also a good metaphor for content marketing. Content must fill a gap and answer a question, rather than blatantly reiterating your marketing strategy. A content marketing strategy should be based on your audience and goals, not on how you personally feel. If your content is geared toward people who are already interested in your product or service, iceberg theory will help you avoid being mediocre in content creation.

A good story follows the iceberg model. The protagonist should know as little as possible about the subject matter, but gradually learn through experience and history. Then, he is given information scene by scene. The reader should be introduced to the setting gradually and not be bombarded with endless details. If the reader can immerse himself or herself in the story, he or she will be more inclined to finish it.

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