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Is your kid hyperactive? 6 amazing activities to channel their energy

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Is your kid hyperactive

Kids below the age of 12 are super-active, and they never seem to get tired. If you are smiling reading this because your kid is the same, then you know your child is hyperactive. Now, being hyperactive is not a bad thing. However, it does cause problems because the child has so much restlessness, and they don’t seem to pay attention to what you are saying. They keep jumping from one activity to another. Also, making them sit still is a massive challenge.

Moreover, a hyperactive kid doesn’t listen, pay attention, and, worse, make impulsive decisions. It means these kids need more attention and activities that use their energy to the best level. What activities work for a hyperactive child? The ones mentioned below.

  • Learning music and singing

Listening to and learning music or singing can have a calming effect on your kid. A hyperactive kid can benefit from learning music and singing, as both of these activities require concentration. Without concentration, you cannot train your mind. Once a kid starts learning any musical instrument, their excess energy will find a productive outlet. Not only will they learn to play a musical instrument or sing. But they will also train their brain to become calmer and understand the meaning of discipline. Lastly, it’s a fun activity, and they will thoroughly enjoy it.

  • Get them a cubby house.

A cubby house is a small house for kids to play in. It’s their personal space, and they can play games, do science experiments here, and more. When you buy cubby houses online, choose one suiting your hyperactive kid will love to play in. It can be a wooden house where the child and his friends can play. Or a kitchen cubby house, which is perfect for a child who is intrigued by food. A cubby house offers so much in terms of imagination and creativity. It is a perfect outlet for hyperactive to use their energy to build something new in a space that is exclusively theirs.

  • Ask for their help with household chores.

Another way to calm down a child who is bustling with energy is to ask them to help with household chores. A super-active child needs attention, and if you are trusting them with light household chores, it makes them happy. You will always find them eager to help out with laundry or dusting. You can even ask them to help you bake a cake. All these activities engage them and help settle down their energy. Also, it is the perfect way to teach them how to do household chores and bond with them.

  • Make sport a part of their life.

As you know, hyperactive kids need to use their energy better. Activities that use their energy for productivity or fun help them stay calm. One way is to encourage them to use sports. This way, they will use their excess energy and learn something. Don’t sign them up for every sport you know. However, one or two sports that genuinely interest them are a great way to channel their energy. Moreover, if they are young for sports, take them for walks. In the garden, they can walk or run and even play with other kids.

  • Arts & crafts

Nearly every kid loves doing arts and crafts. It is fun and exciting, and they use their imagination/creativity to make something enjoyable. The best part of doing an activity is that it will ensure they stay in one place as their mind is involved in doing the activity. There are so many arts and crafts activities for kids to do. You can join them, and it will be fun for you both.

  • Play with them using a stress ball

A stress ball helps you focus. Thus, a hyperactive child can find multiple uses for this ball. When they play with a stress ball, they not only enjoy it but also improve their focus and concentration. Thus, get them one and make new games or activities involving the stress ball.

As mentioned earlier, don’t let anyone tag your child as ‘bad’ just because they are hyperactive. Be patient with them and help them channel their energy into better activities & make them productive.

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