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Kuari Pass Trek: Beginners Guide

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Kuari Pass Trek


The Kuari Pass trek is one of the most thrilling trekking locations in India, with explorers coming from all over the globe. It is nestled attractively in the midst of the vast Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. Kuari Pass is known for its stunning natural grandeur and is situated in the heart of the most beautiful parts of the Garhwal Himalayas.


  • Views of the enormous mountain peaks like Dronagiri, Chaukhamba, Chitrakantha, and Tali top are captivating.
  • The Kuari Pass trek takes you through lush conifer, oak, rhododendron, and birch woods. As a result, completing the Kuari Pass walk provides you with the opportunity to see unusual animals such as Himalayan Black Bears, leopard pugmarks, and a wide diversity of bird species.
  • This walk also offers amazing vistas of the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers.
  • A trekker may also enjoy the soul-calming vistas of Nanda Devi, the second-highest mountain peak in the Himalayas.

Why Should You Go on a Kuari Pass Trek?

On each ascent, a different colour of the picturesque panorama emerges in front of your eyes, ranging from vibrant meadows to rose rhododendrons and glistening lakes. The spectacular mountain summits can be seen from the Kuari Pass. You get the ideal opportunity to discover Auli, a thrilling skiing location in the winter, as you rise into this intriguing.

Kuari Pass Winter Journey– This winter trek is equally famous among hikers, and it gives a hypnotic panoramic beauty when the meadows are blanketed in thick layers of snow and the glistening frozen lakes.

How do I get here?

Haridwar is said to be the most accessible starting point for this fascinating trip. Continue reading to learn more about how to get to Kuari Pass Trek in detail.


The closest airport to Haridwar is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, which is well linked with regular flights from various major cities throughout the country, including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and others. To get to Haridwar, take a taxi or cab from the airport.

Taking the Train

Haridwar has a railway station that is well connected to other major Indian towns, particularly Delhi. If tickets for Haridwar are unavailable, one might travel to Rishikesh Railway Station.

Taking the Bus

Getting to Haridwar by bus is not difficult because daily buses run between Haridwar and Delhi. Other cities are related to the city.

When is the best time to go on a Kuari Pass trek?

However, while Kuari Pass is a year-round site that is best explored in the summer and winter, arranging an adventure trip to Kuari Pass during the monsoon months is not suggested.

In the summer, the weather conditions are ideal. The summer season, which begins in April and ends in June, is the best time to organise your Kuari Pass Trek. The walk is made more pleasurable and hassle-free by the peaceful and pleasant climatic conditions. The days are pleasant, but by dusk, the temperature begins to drop, making it difficult to stay comfortable in summer clothing. As a result, hikers are strongly encouraged to bring light woollens to cope with the chilly weather.

The Kuari Pass trip should not be undertaken during the rainy season, since the terrain becomes too slick and difficult for hikers. In the winter, the climatic situation is a little different.

If you’re willing to brave the bone-chilling cold, this moderate-level hike is a wonderful choice for you. In this season, however, climbing up the hilly areas becomes quite difficult for a beginner. We also recommend that hikers bring strong woollens and shoes for this exciting adventure vacation.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Dehradun-Joshimath

This thrilling journey begins at the Dehradun airport or train station. You will be guided by our tour operator after you arrive in Dehradun. The agent will accompany you on your journey to Joshimath, and once there, you will proceed to the pre-booked accommodation for your stay.

Day 2: Trek from Joshimath to Dhak Village, then to Tali Forest Camp.

Today you will be travelling to Tali Forest Camp, where we will make a brief stop at Dhak Village. You will begin your trekking adventure in this little but picturesque settlement, and after covering the path, you will choose your tent for the night.

Day 3: Return journey 

Start walking towards Kuari Pass from the campground after having the delectable breakfast meal. Take some stunning photos from the top of this pass before continuing on your journey.

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