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Local Self Storage Near Me: How To Choose a Self Storage Facility

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It’s not unusual for someone to need self storage. People accumulate a lot of stuff over time. If you don’t have a large place to live and don’t want to downsize, you need extra space to keep your stuff.

That’s why so many people use self storage today. Reports show that 10.6% of households have at least one storage unit.

If you’re looking for local self storage near me, knowing what to look for is essential. Below is a short guide to help you find the best self storage facility.

Determine Your Storage Purpose

Many self storage facilities are excellent for general storage. If you have a few items with no special considerations, most facilities will work great for your needs.

But things change if you have specialty items that have unique requirements. Take a storage unit used for storing books, for instance. These items don’t do well in high-humidity areas, so it pays to work with a storage facility with temperature control to avoid high humidity in units.

There are other considerations for different types of items, so figure out which conditions are best for storing your things.

Look at the Facility’s Features

It isn’t only important for a storage unit to have the ability to store your items safely. The features of a storage facility should also match your needs.

Here are a few standard features you can look for when looking for a storage unit:

  • Entry gate
  • Camera surveillance
  • 24-hour access
  • Fenced property
  • Storage unit sizes

Of course, some storage facilities may offer more unique features. Look at the advertising materials a storage company offers to see what features they offer and if they benefit you.

Check the Location

There are probably tons of self storage options available in your area. People need storage all the time, so there are many facilities for people to use.

However, you don’t want to spend forever traveling back and forth to your unit if you use it often. That makes the location an essential factor in your choice.

Try to stick to storage facilities that don’t take long to drive to. Ideally, find one that’s only a few minutes away from home. Doing this will ensure you don’t waste too much time on the road.

Ask About Insurance

Even if a storage facility is generally safe, that doesn’t mean accidents will never happen. There can be bad weather events, theft, and other factors that cause your things to become damaged.

When this happens, will a storage company take care of its customers?

Insurance is one of the ways they do this. You should examine how much insurance coverage you have for your belongings. In most cases, storage facilities will insure your belongings up to a certain amount.

If you want more coverage, you can buy additional coverage or look for another option with more.

Compare Your Costs

Another essential factor to consider when looking for storage facilities is cost. You’ll find many different pricing options when you start your search. On top of that, you may find different prices for additional storage features.

Be sure you get quotes from as many storage companies as possible. Add on any additional features to see how much it will cost monthly to store your stuff.

From there, you can see which company offers the most value for the service they offer. Just be sure not to go for the lowest-priced option without verifying they don’t cut corners.

Examine Facility Policies

You can’t do everything you want with your storage unit. Many facilities don’t want dangerous items stored on their properties. That’s why they create policies that limit what people can use their storage for.

Be sure you don’t have any items that violate those policies. Look through them carefully to see if a location can meet your needs.

From there, look at the contract policies. Many storage units will offer month-to-month rentals. However, others will offer day or week rentals if you need short-term storage.

Talk to the Staff

Even though you probably won’t need to interact with a storage facility’s staff much, there may be times when it’s necessary. The problem is that not every company employs reasonable people. You don’t want to be without help when you’re having issues.

Try to speak with someone at the company before you sign a contract. See how helpful they are, their personality, and whatever else is important to you.

This will help you determine if you’ll receive good service after you sign a storage contract.

Look for Storage Facility Reviews

The last thing you should do is sign up for a contract with a storage facility without learning what other people think. You may find you didn’t get all the information and end up with a poor experience because the storage company misled you.

Luckily, there are plenty of places on the internet that offer people a way to leave reviews. Look at these reviews to see what problems people have with your local storage company.

The best self storage facilities will have plenty of positive responses.

Local Self Storage Near Me: You Have Plenty of Options

Whether you’re running out of space at home or need temporary storage for something you aren’t going to keep, you’ll probably run into a situation in life where you need a self storage unit. However, not every self storage unit company offers excellent service and won’t offer what you need to store your stuff safely.

However, there are things you can do to find great local self storage near me. Use the guide below to look through your storage options and find a reputable company to work with.

Are you interested in learning more tips for finding useful local services? Read more on the blog to learn more.

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