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Pro of the pure: tips for becoming a Scotch aficionado

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Scotch aficionado

Scotch whisky is a timeless classic, a smooth, smoky drop that enlivens the palette and invigorates the senses. If you’re new to the Scotch scene, you might be wondering how you can take your knowledge to new levels, and you’ve come to the right place!

Here, we will talk about the different labels and varieties that make up this rich tradition, in the hope of facilitating your journey to becoming a true Scotch connoisseur:

  1. Start with with a non-smoky label

The best place to start is with a non-smoky variety, so you might be looking to buy Balvenie online to ensure a smooth flavour profile. After all, the flavour and fragrance that comes from peat can be too much for beginners, so it is best to go with an unpeated or even moderately-peated variety, just to ensure you don’t go too hard too fast!

As you try and learn more about the drink then you might want to start trying smoky varieties, but a non-smoky label is the perfect way to start your enjoyment of this classic spirit!

  1. Work on your sense of smell

It’s important to have strong smelling capabilities when it comes to Scotch, as its scent is an imperative part of the drinking process. Be sure to inhale the Scotch’s aroma whilst holding the glass a finger distance from the nose, as this will stop the strong scents from burning up into your nose. You might struggle to find a scent at first, but covering the glass aperture with your hand should allow you to pick up scents from particular parts of the glass.

  1. Don’t be afraid of adding a little water

Bars from Scotland to Shanghai serve the pure with a little water, so don’t be afraid to do this at home, either! Water actually works to accentuate the drink’s flavour, extracting the aroma from the barrel and adding to the taste, ensuring that the Scotch will leave a pleasant experience on your palette with every lovely sip!

  1. But try to avoid ice

For beginners, we don’t recommend drinking Scotch on the rocks (that is, Scotch poured over ice). Whilst adding a bit of water can accentuate the flavour, ice will make the drink cold and diminish the flavour. Whilst seasoned connoisseurs may enjoy their drop with a little ice, soda and lemon, it is not recommended for newcomers looking to learn about the different flavour profiles found in this wonderful drink.

  1. Check the label’s age

Scotch becomes more mellow over time. Therefore, older labels may actually be more ideal for beginners, as they will be easier on the palette. Glen Scotia 25 is a great place to start, but don’t go all out on an expensive bottle just because you want to experience a more mellow flavour, as Scotch becomes more expensive with age. You can simply opt for a 12-15 year old Scotch to test the waters before moving onto older, more expensive bottles, as you want to be sure you know what you like before splashing that Scotch cash!

  1. Always buy from reputable vendors

Because a reputable vendor is someone with the industry experience to ensure you will find the right bottle for your needs. They will be able to provide you with helpful advice regarding the label’s flavour profile, and this is important for people just getting into the Scotch scene as you don’t want to be deterred by a drop that doesn’t match your palette!

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