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Snapchat Egg Hunt – How to Find the Easter Snapchat Egg Hunt

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Snapchat Egg Hunt

The Easter Snapchat egg hunt begins on April 4, with users notified a day or two before the event via an in-app notification or a Twitter invitation. The egg hunt is likely to last a week, with the last one starting on April 4 and ending on April 12. However, the event may only be available for a certain number of days. This article will discuss how to find the Easter Snapchat egg hunt. Hopefully, this will help you plan your trip to the egg-filled city.

Snap Maps ( Snapchat Egg Hunt )

If you’re looking for a way to make your Snapchat egg hunt more fun, you can use Snap Maps. With Snap Maps, you can find eggs and collect them without leaving your house. Simply swipe down on your camera screen and tap on eggs to add them to your basket. This game will last until April 21, so make sure you check your location often. Alternatively, you can set your Snap Map to “ghost mode” so that your friends cannot see your score.

The Snapchat egg hunt is a fun way to find friends around the world. Just open the app and look through your friends’ Snap Stories. Then, look for “Chicks” – hidden Easter eggs and gold ones – in the Snap Map. While each egg is worth one point, Golden Eggs are worth five points. When you’re done, you can see your score on the global leaderboard.

Pokemon Go

There’s no catch to find a Snapchat egg hunt for Pokemon Go, as long as you keep an eye out for the golden ones. To begin your hunt, open the world lens on your smartphone. Look for the eggs in your neighborhood and tap them to earn your first point. Then, go back to your Snap Map and look for more eggs, but be careful because they may be lost or stolen! To unlock the five-point golden egg, tap a second time and take a picture of it.

There is no specific date for the event, but Snapchat users will be notified about a day or two in advance via in-app notifications or Twitter invitations. It will probably be a week-long event. Last year’s Snapchat egg hunt began April 4 and ended on April 12.

Snapchat’s Easter egg hunt

If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go, you’ll love Snapchat’s Easter egg hunt. Similar to the game, Snapchat users are encouraged to roam the streets and look for Easter eggs. It’s a fun virtual event that’s been taking over the app. Several users have tried out the game so far and have fallen in love with it. However, if you’re not a fan of Pokemon Go, don’t worry. You can still play other games on Snapchat.

In 2018 and 2019, Snapchat hosted a virtual egg hunt for users, while 2020 brought an at-home version. However, the app’s annual egg hunt disappeared in 2021. The question on many Snapchat users’ minds is: will the hunt return in 2022? If so, what are the prizes? And how do you participate? Let’s take a look at the details. And be sure to check the Snapchat app for updates.

Leaderboard In Snapchat Egg Hunt

As Snapchat rolls out its new leaderboard for the Snap Chat egg hunt, the question on everyone’s mind is: How do I compete with my friends? The answer is a simple one: find as many eggs as you can before your friends do! It’s not just about getting as many eggs as possible! This new game also combines two of the app’s most popular features – the Snap Map and the Leaderboard.

To start the egg hunt, all you need to do is open the world lens on your Snapchat phone, and look around your neighborhood for eggs. Tap on them to collect your first point. Remember to save these eggs carefully as they may not be in the most obvious places, so you don’t lose them! Just keep an eye out for the super secret five-point eggs, which may take a little longer to find! However, don’t worry – you’ll get there!


To participate in the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt, you must have an iPhone. The app offers various games where you can find hidden Easter eggs. In the Color Galaxy game, players must race to the egg’s location. Snapchat’s exploration app gives random coordinates, which are called randonauts. Since the random coordinates are quantum generated, there are no limits. You should use safety precautions before you begin exploring these hotspots.

This fun game allows you to explore your neighborhood and find hidden virtual eggs hidden in different locations. The eggs are hidden in various world-famous landmarks. You can race with your friends to find them. You can even compete with them to find the most eggs. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can use an online app to hunt the eggs. Hotspots for snapchat egg hunt.

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