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Stainless Steel Carts

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Stainless Steel Carts

Stainless steel restaurant carts have long been used by people who are closely associated with production shops. It can be, as well as the food industry, and chemical, medical. All this is united by an active chemical environment, which adversely affects the manufacturer’s products. Stainless steel helps to make the life of production workers safer and easier, thanks to its environmental protection and sustainability.

Like any production, the kitchen also follows safety, so any restaurants equipment must be safe. Restaurant carts must be stable and have stable wheels that are easy to maneuver around the workplace. The very place of storage, especially when it comes to transporting products, is not to succumb to corrosion. All this is in the carts, which are made of stainless steel, and the surface is not erased, it is easy to clean even just with a sponge and clean water. At the same time, the use of detergent is also completely safe.

What Options Can Be Considered When Buying Restaurant Carts?

Stainless steel restaurant carts are one of the main equipment for restaurants, as many products need to be moved between workshops, both ready-made and pre-cut. You can also purchase the following types of trolleys:

  • Stainless steel utility trolleys with wheels.
  • Trolleys with a rubberized platform.
  • For the necessary support when carrying things, you can install additional bumpers.
  • Removable installation of additional sides.
  • Trolley, which is equipped with sides in the form of a grid.

Stainless steel utility carts with wheels are used when you need to move the load in the kitchen, to the warehouse or take it out of the delivery. It looks like a platform that has a mobile support with wheels and handles for dragging cargo are attached on top.

Pairs of wheels basically have additional support, because they are responsible for the weight that the entire trolley can withstand. One pair of wheels is equipped with a brake, namely a locking system that makes the stainless steel work carts temporarily immobile and will not roll away. Standard wheel diameters are 130, 165, 210. The first option can carry close to 200 kilograms, the second — up to 400, the third — 500 kilograms. Different types of rubber are used for the material of the wheels, depending on the requirements of the customer.

The stainless steel restaurant carts can also be equipped with an additional sieve, with which food is cooled or dishes are dried. Moisture, vapors do not spoil the material, are not absorbed and dry quickly, or are easily wiped. If desired, the structure can be covered with powder paint, it will be like an additional protective layer against corrosion, it retains its marketable appearance longer and saves money. In addition, gray rubber of stainless steel work carts does not leave marks on the floor, which is important for kitchens with tiles. Black tires are an economical option, but at the same time no worse than others. Nylon is just the most successful option for food production. Polyurethane is for uneven surfaces.

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