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The 10 Best Vancouver Culture And History Landmarks

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Vancouver Culture

So, you’ve heard all about Vancouver’s cultural and historical goodness, and you can’t just wait to see it for yourself? Well, now is a good time to relax and screen through your worthy Vancouver tourist attractions, as you can be assured we got you covered in this guide.

Undoubtedly, there are awfully beautiful sites to check through when you know just the right places to visit in Vancouver. The cosmopolitan is home to diverse ethnic backgrounds, and really, you can’t help but feel the love and pure cultural difference in the air as you trail the city’s ground. Frankly, all that’s left for you to do is to secure the perfect rental car from Vancouver Car Rental Under 21 and get ready for a wonderful adventure under the blue, beautiful skies of Vancouver. So, here we go.

Best Cultural and Historical Landmarks In Vancouver.

All for a total of ten, this guide will take you through five of each of the remarkable locales in Vancouver. So, try not to hold your breath for too long as we explore the best of the cultural and historical prominence beautifully mapped out in this all-inclusive city.

A. Cultural Landmarks In Vancouver: The Five You Don’t Want to Miss

  1. Vancouver’s Bill Reid Gallery

If you are serious about coming into the embrace of the West Coast Canadian culture, then this is one you surely don’t want to miss out on. With a light survey through the cheap car rentals in Vancouver, you can as well be on your way to the beautiful art center founded at 639 Hornby Street.

The gallery is home to many feature arts, from beautiful wood carvings to sculptures and gold jewelry; you’ll find yourself stunned. The center gained its name because the bulk of its art is from the world-renowned Haida artist Bill Reid. Nonetheless, it also houses many masterpieces from other first nation artists.

  1. Chinatown

Yes, this site is another one filled with real cultural richness. Lovely enough, it is the biggest Chinatown in the whole of Canada. If you find the asphalt dragging you off to this site of Asian culture, you can be sure there will be lots of things to try out and things to do in Vancouver.

Just a side note; if you are already zeroing this locale on your Vancouver map, then you should try to stay for the annual Chinese new year parade if you can afford it. It’s simply the best.

  1. Vancouver’s Dr. Sun Yet–Sen Garden

This Classical Chinese Garden, according to NatGeo, is the world’s top garden. You can only imagine how sheltered and comfy it gets with this lovely cultural haven.

You will find some pavilions hanging around here and some beautiful koi fish in the green pods. And even more exciting, who can easily wheel around as you take in the site. So, what are you still waiting for when you can easily be here with just a short trip to one of the most affordable yet suiting car rentals in Vancouver, Canada.

  1. Vancouver Arts Club Theatre Company

You need a nice visit to one of the live theatre centers in Vancouver if you want a full experience. This Arts Club Theatre is undoubted one of the best, with its high-quality theatrical aura and musicals.

  1. Art Gallery, Vancouver

This Vancouver Art Gallery is one center that literally talks about Vancouver’s cultural background. Popular for its recent discovery of the shameful event that killed off several first-nation residential students in Canada eons ago, the gallery has become a beautiful yet powerful reminder of how far Canada has come.

B. Historical Landmarks In Vancouver: The Five You Just Have To Check Out

  1. Museum of Vancouver

You will find the Vancouver museum adjacent planetarium. If you want the city’s history, you’ve got it with this one. It’s also a lovely site and a good landmark if you are planning on sinking your teeth into the historical adventures of Vancouver.

  1. Museum of Anthropology

This, without doubt, is one of the Vancouver places to visit. Situated in the renowned University of British Columbia, this is just a historical center you got to check out. With the several totem poles, artifacts, indigenous masks and sculptures, be ready to take a ride back to the ancients.

  1. Vancouver Police Museum

You will find the police museum in the old coroner’s office and morgue. If you are interested in police history and the rise of crime, you shouldn’t miss this museum. Though it’s not much of a big museum, it is surely one the oldest in North America.

  1. Old Hastings Mill Store Museum

Hastings Mill store is found at 1575 Alma Street, and it’s also one of the oldest buildings in Vancouver. It’s a store-turned-museum and, needless to say has many historical stories to entertain its visitors with. As you trail the halls of this quiet museum, it is often said that you can almost hear the whispers of the past.

  1. Roedde House Museum

In 1893, this museum was once home to a middle-class immigrant from Germany. The building sure has a lot of stories to tell as well, and you will very much find it armed with all sorts of artifacts and historical tales.


Now, we are sure you already have most centers mapped out and are just about ready to get your wheels on the Vancouver asphalt. With a cheap ride from a car rental in Vancouver, or maybe, you’ll prefer a personal ride, you can be certain that an adventure with a promise rigged with Vancouver galleries and museums awaits you.Assuredly, this cosmopolitan could be just the right amount of cultural and historical you’ve always wanted. Hence don’t hesitate to breathe in the artistic air as you ride through some of the best Vancouver tourist attractions as fondly listed above.

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