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The Best Braids for Men You Need To Try Now

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Braids for Men

For a long time, braids have been a lady’s hairstyle, but times are changing, and recently, braids for men have evolved such that both men and women can wear them. Braids are known as one hairstyle that lasts very long and requires minimal maintenance.

The best way a man can rock braids is with a combination. They could pair it with a fade or an undercut on the sides of the head. The combination helps to highlight the braids for men while maintaining the masculine look. Some of the braid styles a man can rock are discussed below.

  1. Cornrows 

In this braid style, the hair is braided in a continuous line close to the scalp. The line can be straight or zig-zag, depending on your personal preferences. You can decide to braid your natural hair alone, or you can opt to combine it with an extension to tighten the rows and make the style last longer.

Cornrows are very easy to maintain, especially if your hair is long or medium length, as it does not come off quickly. This is the preferable braid style for men with a busy lifestyle like the sporting profession.

  1. Box Braids

As the name suggests, these are braids for men done on tiny square-like sections of natural hair. Just like cornrows, box braids can be done with natural hair or with the addition of an extension. The most significant advantage of box braids is that they can be styled differently, like ponytails and buns, to give you different looks.

  1. Two Braids

This braid style is where you only wear a pair of braids on your entire head. They are usually braided close to the scalp, just like the cornrows. The best combination for this braid style is a fade on both sides of the head.

  1. Zig-Zag Men’s Braids

Do you want to rock a braid style that will leave people staring at you? Why not try the zig-zag braids? This braid style is similar to cornrows, with just a slight difference. Cornrows are usually straight in most cases, while zig-zag braids for men are not braided in straight lines. Zig-zag braids can even be done between box braids for a highlighted look.

  1. Braid Buns

This is one of the ways you can hold your braids to maintain your masculine look. If you do not like your braids to hang loosely, you can wrap them up on top of your head to make a loo or a perfect bun.

  1. Dyed Braids With a Fade

If you love to stand out, try pairing your fade with dyed braids for men. The contrast between the dyed hair and the faded side of your head will give you a sharp and trendy look. The dyed braids give you a good look, while the fade maintains your masculine appearance.

  1. Braids And a Mustache

This is one style that can help conceal certain facial features. Pair your box braids with a goatee for a stylish look. Let the braids hang loosely and drop down your cheeks to the shoulders.

  1. Shoulder-Length Braids

Long hair can give you the best shoulder-length braids for men. You can either get zig-zag lines or cornrows, then let them hang loosely from the back of your head.

  1. Braided Top

Shave the sides of your head such that the hair left is only at the top of the head. Braid the remaining hair into braids of medium length. Make a clear fade line that will help to highlight the difference between the braids and the fade. You can hold the braids in a bun or let them hang loosely.

  1. Inverted Braids

This braided look goes way out of the ordinary braiding. This is because the hair at the top is cut short while the sides are braided to create different shapes. A fade line can create a visible difference between the two. It makes different shapes with braids for men to make the style unique.

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