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The Four Biggest Myths About Spare Parts

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When it comes to auto spare parts, there are several misconceptions that often mislead consumers. Let’s debunk the four biggest myths surrounding spare parts:

1. Original Parts Only Carry the Car Brand Logo

Contrary to popular belief, car manufacturers do not produce all the components needed to assemble their vehicles. Up to 80% of the parts come from independent suppliers specializing in specific components. These parts are then supplied to various car brands. Thus, the same parts from the same manufacturer can be used in multiple car models. Original parts are not limited to those offered directly by branded service centers. They also include parts used in production and supplied to authorized service stations as well as the secondary market, like independent shops and car repair facilities. These parts are often packed with the manufacturer’s logo and assigned a specific part number, confirming their quality.

2. “Chinese” Parts Are Always Inferior

The term “Chinese parts” does not necessarily imply lower quality. In the era of globalization, products with well-known European brand logos can be manufactured in factories worldwide, including China. Many European manufacturers have plants in the Far East, and the parts or components produced there are then distributed to different regions, including Europe. Hence, the origin of a part doesn’t automatically dictate its quality. It depends on the reputation of the manufacturer, their quality control system, and the standards of the distributor selling the parts.

3. Buying Spare Parts Online Is the Easiest Option

While purchasing spare parts online may seem like a cost-effective approach, it can be a complex process. Identifying the right part for a specific car can be challenging, especially if the manufacturer has changed the supplier during the production phase. Consulting a professional service with access to catalogs and search engines for correct part selection can provide more certainty. Mechanics in these services can also try out different versions of the part to ensure compatibility and quality. Buying parts yourself and taking them to the mechanic may lead to problems with warranty claims, as any issues would need to be addressed directly with the seller.

4. Service Stations Always Have the Most Expensive Parts

Both independent services and authorized service centers offer parts in various price and quality categories. Many car manufacturers provide their own economy range of spare parts, which are cheaper and come from the same suppliers used in the secondary market. It’s worth inquiring about these options. However, some parts may be challenging to find on the secondary market, and in such cases, the service station might recommend the original part with the car manufacturer’s logo distributed through authorized service chains. These original parts tend to be more expensive.

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