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Things to do in Iceland you shouldn’t miss at any cost

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things to do In Iceland

Iceland is almost a magical place. The place is famous for the northern lights but we assure you there’s much more. It is not very densely populated even in the peak tourism season. So, we say it is going to be a relaxing getaway for you. There’s a lot of sightseeing that you can do here. Not only the destination is pretty but commuting through Iceland is also a treat. The stunning landscape and pretty neighborhoods. As beautiful and adventurous activities to do in Iceland, therefore we have narrowed down some things to do in Iceland that we don’t want you to miss. They are as follows:

things to do In Iceland

Whale Watching, Reykjavik

Watching these beautiful majestic creatures is an experience like no other. We recommend going whale watching in the old harbor area of Reykjavik. Whale watching is open all year round but the best time is from April to September as the weather is pleasant and good visibility. Make sure to dress up warm as it gets pretty cold out there; tour companies also provide some thermals. A convenient choice for whale watching is to reach Reykjavik by cruise. 

Soak in the blue lagoon

This magical-looking lagoon is located just a fifteen minutes ride from Reykjavik. The water is from the spring that remains warm all year round. It contains minerals and healing properties. There are hotels and resorts here that offer spa services with brackish water and exfoliating mud. The water contains sulfur and silica and together they give the lagoon this magical color. The unique algae growing on the rocks of the lagoon and the surrounding have great medicinal properties. They grow only here making them more in demand and of importance, especially skincare. The best time to visit is when the lagoon is not crowded so that you can enjoy quality time in the lagoon. The lagoon isn’t crowded in the morning and night. The winter is a great time to visit the lagoon as the northern lights are witnessed during this time. Just imagine enjoying a warm soak in the lagoon and you witness the northern lights. It sounds heavenly!

Watch Spectacular, Geysers

Iceland is home to many exciting geysers. Each one’s sheer beauty and fascination are unmatched. It’s hot water shooting out of the earth’s surface. I haven’t met a soul who doesn’t get excited about geysers. 

We have narrowed down some of the must-visit Geysers for you:

  • The great Geyser – It is the top most visited geyser in Iceland. It gushes water at a height of 70 meters. It is located on Iceland’s golden circle route. It is a ninety-minute drive from the capital.
  • Strokkur – This geyser is much loved as it showcases gushings. I.e. Every 8 to 10 minutes. It’s just a quick walk from the great geyser.
  • Litli Geyser – Located near the Strokkur, Litli is a fun geyser to visit. As it is little and is constantly bubbling. 

Witness Northern Lights

The northern lights are prevalent throughout the year. The northern lights are most visible from September to May because they are at their longest throughout these months. The most frequent time of the appearance of northern lights is during the darkest part of the night which is from 11 pm to 2 am. The clear skies of Iceland are a treat to just stargaze waiting for the Northern Lights.

Get away from the hustle and light pollution of the city to a quiet location. So, that you can witness the northern lights in their full glory without hindrance.

Places to see Northern Lights:

  1. Thingvellir National Park
  2. Blue lagoon
  3. Near Hella
  4. Near Höfn
  5. Near Skógar

Hike up to the Glaciers

Hiking a glacier is as fun as it sounds. You encounter ice caves, waterfalls, and several other tractions along the trail.  You have to have some equipment to hike and most of it is provided by the tour company you opt for. Some basic techniques to walk on ice, precautionary measures, do’s, and don’t will be told to you. The top best glaciers to hike here in Iceland are: 

  1. Sólheimajökull – It is easily accessible from the capital. This glacier is surrounded by volcanoes so you get to see black and white ice because of the ash from the volcanoes.
  1. Kalta – This glacier hike features the only natural ice cave all year round. It also has added benefit of being accessible to kids from the age of 6 instead of 8 like the others. 

Reykjavik Helicopter Tour

The beautiful capital city Reykjavik features top attractions like the gushing geysers, whale watching, the mystic magical blue lagoon, and witnessing the northern lights. The city has it all. Taking a helicopter ride through the gorgeous skies of Iceland and looking at the stunning landscape and the tractions is an experience like no other. You’ll get a view of the colorful rooftops, the famous Hallgríms Church. The Harpa concert hall, and the bay area. The helicopter ride is concluded at the nearby mountains allowing gazing at the unreal view of nature’s glory. Usually, the helicopter ride is of 20-30 minutes. There’s no age foundation for the activity and it is ongoing all year round. With some exceptions on the weather condition.

Conclusion: I am sure you are going to have a great time in Iceland. Because how can you not. The place has adventure activities, and magical experiences like the northern lights, and soaking in the blue lagoon. May your trip be as beautiful and exciting as this place. Have a great trip with Iceland Tour Packages.

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