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Types of Streaming Services with CenturyLink

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Streaming Services

Streaming services have revolutionized the way we stream our favorite sports, shows, and movies for the last couple of decades. It is the advanced means to watch and select media entertainment. Almost every internet service provider is offering incredible streaming services that have replaced traditional TV drastically with streaming entertainment options such as CenturyLink Internet.

The streaming service provided by this internet service provider delivers digital content, live coverage, film, and TV through the internet. Thus you can get cable, network and satellite television, YouTube, Netflix, etc., from one source. You can easily buy streaming services through “a la carte,” which is dissimilar from the traditional TV where you are bound to bear a hefty monthly fee for your satellite or cable TV package irrespective of the fact that how many channels you watch.

However, with streaming services, you will enjoy an extended range of options with paying less and acquiring maximum outcomes compare to cable TV. If you are interested to move to stream services from traditional TV and wanted to explore different streaming channels you have landed on the right blog.

We have lined up some amazing streaming platforms in this blog that will provide you access to incredible entertainment content at a minimal cost. So, let’s dive into the blog and find the best streaming service you would love to have for meeting your entertainment needs.

The Streaming Revolution

Before starting our exploration for the finest streaming service we would like you to give a quick overview of the revolution of streaming services. So that you can understand how things got revolutionized over the last decade.

Traditional broadcast and cable TV platforms are the two most common and long-operated options for TV content. Satellite and cable TV service providing companies bundle up their services based on their choices instead of the preferences or needs of the customers. Moreover, the popular trends are by default govern what needs to be added to the daily schedule. Therefore, no room used to be left in the traditional cable TV and satellite services for the content to be broadcast as per the preferences or demands of the customers.

The landscape of entertainment has been transformed by the introduction of streaming TV services. Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix are the three major streaming TV service providers which are offering an extensive range of quality entertaining content to their widespread subscribers across every corner of the world.

The Transition from Journalized to Specialized Entertainment Content

Through these streaming TV service platforms, you can easily customize a bundle for your home as per your choices. So, you can add your favorite channels, TV seasons, shows, and interests to develop a personalized bundle loaded with a collection of your desired video content. Similarly, these streaming TV services are providing you limitless choices which means you can decide whether you just want to stream content, need a satellite or cable plus streaming option, or want to have an antenna plus streaming service.

Furthermore, the producers are widely working to produce diverse genres of shows to please a broad array of viewers across the globe so that a viewer can easily identify whether or not an entertaining content is his or her cup of tea. Also, it reflects that producers are more into offering specialized entertainment content instead of creating something that appeals masses.

That’s the reason today we have a broad range of specialized entertainment options which we can easily select following our lifestyle, taste, interest, or demographic group.

Two Major Streaming Services You Can Enjoy With Centurylink

Netflix: The Game-Changer

Netflix entered the world of entertainment back in 1997 and had a strategy to rent out television shows and movies on DVD via email. But now this streaming service has extensively grown as a giant streaming service provider where you can stream ad-free video content. Its subscriber market has expanded to 90 million and above users.

This streaming service provider has influenced the cable and TV industry to adapt its services not because it is offering unlimited movies and TV shows for a minimal monthly fee but also by delivering hundreds of finest quality entertaining content including films, shows, and original series which are accessible only on Netflix.

Today, almost every player in the entertainment industry has launched its streaming service to some extent such as HBO and others. HBO was one of the leaders of cable TV but now it has turned into a prosperous standalone streaming service. Following the same trend various other providers, platforms, and channels are transforming into streaming service providers and numerous are about to get into the same business.

Streaming Video on Demand?

SVOD (streaming video on demand) refers to streaming a movie or TV show via an app or website whenever you want. Usually, this app appears on a streaming device or smart TV as a “channel”. Streaming video on demand has a unique business strategy that works on pay-per-view. It is like renting out the latest release movie that you can stream for about 48 hours.

Or else you can go for a monthly based subscription fee and enjoy unlimited access to an extensive collection of movies and shows available at a particular provider. Similarly, through the streaming option, you are no longer required to download movies or TV shows on your smart device. Therefore, you will never run out of storage space in your device or encounter any legal issues. Plus, a subscriber neither has to get an expensive cable TV package nor an antenna to watch TV.

However, for availing of this service, you should have a high-speed internet connection to manage the extensive demands to stream movies. Also, you need to have an internet connection without lag to get a seamless viewing experience. Especially, if you own a family with multiple internet users and involve in streaming content simultaneously it will be preferable to have an internet connection that bears a bandwidth of 20 Mbps (minimum).

To reach out to streaming content you are required to get one membership (at least) to any streaming service provider such as HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and many others. And this gets much easier if you look for the CenturyLink Internet Plans that fit right within your budget. In addition to this, according to a rough estimation, there are more than 200 streaming service providers in the United States of America right now, and various are in queue to launch. But all you need is to find the best streaming service option for you that can meet your household entertainment needs at a reasonable price tag. 

In a Nutshell

CenturyLink is one of the finest internet service providers in the United States that provides you incredible streaming services to give you the next-level entertainment experience. If you want to learn more about CenturyLink we would like to recommend you to check out BuyTVInternetPhone. It is a one-window solution to access every detail about different internet service providers in the country and their amazing internet, home phone, and cable TV services with one click.

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