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What Are Ship Ladder Stairs?

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Ship Ladder Stairs

Well, I’m sure not a lot of people have heard of ship ladders stairs before, and even if you’ve heard if one you might not know exactly what they are. For those who want to know what a ship ladder is, you guys are in for a treat and if you don’t then you must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. So, what are they? Well, the name might give it a way a bit as it’s a ladder that usually goes on ships but quite a few people use them in their own homes because they are actually half ladder and half stairs, a lot of people actually prefer them to a normal ladder. Some people even use them for decoration, like hanging them of the wall and putting books and plants on them etc. You will often see them in pools to help you get in and out easier. Some questions you might be wondering are: Where are ship ladder stairs available to buy? And how big are they?

First, where are ship ladders available to buy? Well, they sell on lots of websites, for example: Etsy and eBay. Those two websites are selling products that are sold by individual people, so just make sure they don’t try to scam you by checking that what you are purchasing look and costs about the same as it does on other websites.

Secondly, how big are ship ladder stairs? The usual width of a ship ladder is 24” and the usual tread depth 6”. But always check what the size is because that is just the usually size it comes in but they actually come in all different shapes and sizes. Also, just so you know, they normally come with handrails.

Don’t forget ship ladders aren’t the only type of ladders, there is loft ladders, tripod ladders, flexible ladders, but there are a lot more than that. What’s the difference between them all? First let’s talk about loft ladders, now as you might know they are used to get in and out of lofts. Second, tripod ladders, they are mostly used for outside and, to be honest, they fit better outside, they are used outside for mainly gardening and maybe trimming hedges. But they are on the list of more expensive that normal ladders. Last but not least, flexible ladders, now these are really useful because they save a lot of space when storing because it rolls up. So, if you are in the market for a ladder it might be worth having a look at the different ones available to make sure you get the one that best suits your needs.

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