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What You Must Not Do Following a Motorcycle Crash in Nevada

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Motorcycle Crash in Nevada

The cases of motorcycle crashes are rising in Nevada. In such cases, you have legal rights to claim damages from the defendant. However, establishing the fact that you were not at fault when the crash took place is not easy. 

You require legal help to claim compensation for pain and damages from the other party. These cases should be handled only by the expert and experienced attorneys like the Naqvi Accident Injury Law firm. It’s an expert legal firm with years of experience in successfully helping victims receive their lawful compensation. 

You need to understand that accidents can happen anytime. It’s better if you know some relevant rules regarding it. Here are the things you must not do following a motorcycle crash in anywhere in Nevada. 

You Should Not Tell Police That Your Injury Is Minor

A motorcycle accident is a physical injury. By telling the police you have suffered no bodily harm, you might weaken your claim for damages. The insurance company will always demand a police report and if it finds the report says you have not been harmed bodily, your claim will lose grounds.

Don’t Delay Visiting Your Nearby Clinic

Following an accident, visit your nearby doctor or a hospital immediately. Your body may not show wounds but you might have sustained an internal injury that can be life-threatening. Getting a doctor’s opinion in this regard is crucial. Don’t commit the mistake of not going to a hospital considering your injury as a minor one. 

And Don’t forget to safely keep all your medical records like hospital bills, doctor’s prescriptions, X-ray reports, blood test reports, and other documents. 

Don’t Take Too Much Time To Hire An Attorney

Any delay in taking the help of a lawyer to file the damage suit may weaken your case. If you delay hiring a lawyer, the insurance company may interpret that you were not interested in legal help as your injury was not severe.

Don’t Hire an Inexperienced Lawyer

Settling motorcycle crash cases in your favor is easier said than done. Don’t hand over the case to a general lawyer. Such cases can be handled by experienced lawyers specializing in motorcycle crash cases. Before finalizing a lawyer, don’t forget to see their official track record and experience in handling similar cases. 

Most importantly, they must understand the relevant state laws that govern such cases. Traffic rules and relevant statutes are not the same all across the US. Also, You must also take this factor into consideration.  

You Must Not Forget to Collect Eye Witnesses

You must not ignore the witnesses who saw the accident. Don’t forget to take them into confidence and present them as eyewitnesses during the trial in court.  

In Conclusion 

It has been noticed that one often forgets or ignores these don’ts after a motorcycle crash. As a result, the case turns weak for the victim’s attorney. For more information, you should contact a Nevada-based lawyer and get legal assistance and insight on it. 

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