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10 Top to Make Raksha Bandhan Extra Special

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10 Top to Make Raksha Bandhan Extra Special

Your sister is your best friend, your biggest supporter, and the only one who can make you feel better during bad times. If not for her, you wouldn’t have been that same prankster who used to pull a lot of hair back when you were little. She is like a guardian angel who looks over you as she ages. Why not reciprocate her gestures and make her feel special on Raksha Bandhan?

On this special occasion, let’s see how you can make our sister feel special by making this Raksha Bandhan extra special for her!

Plan something special

Planning something special will surely make your sister happy and excited about the festival. You can schedule a weekend getaway with her, take her out shopping, or even plan a surprise party where she can meet up with all her friends from school and college. It will be the best surprise for her.

Make sure she gets gifts that she loves

If you want to make your sister happy on this occasion, then make sure she gets a gift that she loves. You can get her anything from clothes to jewelry to accessories, depending on what she likes most and what suits her personality best! The more personal the gift is, the happier she will be!

Write an inspirational note

Write down all your feelings about your sister in an inspirational note and give it along with the rakhi gift for brother that you are presenting her with during this occasion. Your sister will appreciate all your efforts put into making her feel special.

Buy her favorite chocolates

As girls are known to be sensitive beings, make sure you go out of your way to make her feel appreciated and loved by giving her gifts like chocolates, which will melt her heart!

Send Roses

Red roses are traditionally given as gifts during this festival, but if you want to go beyond tradition, you can opt for other flowers too! For example, if your sister loves pink — choose pink roses or if she prefers something different — go for yellow lilies or blue hydrangeas instead!

Get her favorite food

Prepare her favorite dish or get her favorite treat from outside so that she enjoys eating it with all her family members on this special day! Treat her to a meal at a fancy restaurant where she can enjoy eating delicious food while enjoying good company with friends, family members, and other people present there too! 

Buy new clothes

Get some new clothes for your sister, like jeans or tops that suit her personality and style! This will make her feel special because you have taken care of her needs during this festive season!

Get her a Gift Voucher

If you have got any gift vouchers from retailers like Amazon or Flipkart, get her something she will love but may not be able to buy herself due to lack of money or because it’s too expensive for her budget (and don’t forget to include these in your gift hamper).

Write your Heart Out

Write a sweet note telling her how much she means to you and how much love you have for her in your heart. Also, write about how happy she makes you feel when she smiles, laughs, or even cries for some reason. Write all the struggles on how she is the one who had made your life filled with happiness, whether it’s making you feel special while celebrating rakhi online when you were away from home or saving you from dad’s scoldings. Well, she has done so many things for you. 

Make a handmade gift

Raksha Bandhan is all about showing your love through gifts, and if you are planning to make something special, why not consider making a handmade gift? A family photo can be given as an unforgettable token of love on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. You can also try other exciting options like making a photo frame with your sibling’s favorite pictures or even a customized cushion cover with her name embroidered.

Sure, there are traditional gifts, but you don’t need to stick to them. Instead, you can give her the special and unique gifts that she’ll love. We hope you liked the ideas on how you can make your sister feel pampered.

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