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Designer Glasses For Men: A Stylish Upgrade

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Fashion accessories go a long way in helping you stand out by uplifting your style. All accessories have their own charm, but when it comes to glasses, they are one of the most intimate fashion accessories. What makes glasses even more amazing is that there are multiple options suited for every mood and occasion..

Among the various types, designer glasses are in a different league altogether. Designer glasses have a loyal customer base as they are loved for their premium nature. 

Are you left fascinated when you spot Robert Downey Jr. in the classic browlines that he dons on several occasions or the magical tortoiseshell frames of Johnny Depp? You have arrived at the right place as we are here to help you out with the trending designer glasses’ styles for men that have taken the markets by storm.

To buy designer glasses for men at pocket-friendly prices, you should head over to the internet. In the extensive collection of men’s glasses online, you will definitely find a pair for your style needs. 

Here goes the list!

Round Glasses

If you are a ‘Spider Man’ fan, which most of us are, you also must have come across Tom Holland’s retro round glasses during his public appearances. Well, we know that you don’t have the supernatural power that the reel Tom Holland possesses but you can certainly own the similar round designer glasses to boost your style game..

To keep up with the latest trends, you have the amazing option of timeless metal frame round glasses that are both elegant and vintage. If you want to try out something modern, the round aviators are your go-to style. Talking about colours for your round glasses frames, you always have the option of experimenting with them.

Transparent Frames

Matthew McConaughey is such an inspirational man! Just a glimpse of him in his transparent frame glasses can inspire you to buy one. Transparent frames are one of the hottest men’s glasses trends in the modern era.

Transparent frames focus on the face in its entirety – thanks to their crystal clear glass-like structure. Talking about the styles that go best with clear frame glasses, the edgy square styles will never disappoint. Your options don’t end here as you have many other options such as the classic aviators with double bridge or the simple yet elegant round styles.

Recently, I bought a pair of transparent frames from Specscart – a Manchester-born eyewear startup in the UK – at a super affordable price and was able to make great savings.

Tortoiseshell Frames

I was really surprised when I overheard a discussion on how tortoiseshell frames are a ladies thing. Even if you think the same, just head over the internet and you will find style icons like Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. don these styles with utmost confidence. After this, I can guarantee that your doubts will be cleared.

Tortoiseshell glasses are already a big thing in the fashion space and if you are looking for fashionable glasses for men, tortoiseshell frames are your thing. These glasses are quite versatile as they come in a variety of patterns covering the entire style spectrum. You can use them for a professional touch at your office and also for a funky and playful look at the pub.

Oversized Frames

You can spot the oversized frames all over the streets. They are an exceptional style if you wish to take the funky route. 

Oversized glasses are simple to style and can be pulled off with all outfits. However, while styling them, just ensure that they don’t cover your eyebrows and lie above your cheekbones. When you are going for designer pairs, you will certainly come across the ones with a perfect fit as designer glasses are known for their comfort and fit.

Some of the best oversized frames for men are the square styles with sharp angles and also the oversized aviators with double bridge. You can keep things bold by experimenting with playful colours.

Metal Frame Glasses

For an elite style with a sharp visual appeal, the timeless metal frame glasses are your best company. With designer pairs, you can expect a superb glossy finish and be assured of making a sleek fashion statement.

The versatility of metal frame glasses is spot on as there are multiple options for all face shapes, occasions, and outfits. Whether you can combine them with the retro round styles or take the offbeat route with sophisticated geometric styles, a classic appeal is guaranteed.


The super savvy browlines are constantly making it into the trending charts for quite some time now, and are expected to continue to do so in times to come – thanks to their striking visuals.

The structure of browline glasses, with thicker upper rims, brings about a superb contrast that is very effective in highlighting your facial features. Although great for all occasions, browlines are brilliant when your style needs are towards the formal end, especially for something like the workplace.

You can complement them with round or square styles to keep things basic yet elegant. Browline frames and tortoiseshell patterns are a match made in heaven.

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