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How Can An Attorney Help You With An I-601A Waiver?

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I-601A Waiver

Most immigrants in the United States are lawful permanent residents, but they might not be eligible to become U.S. citizens. This is because they violated the terms of their admission by remaining in the country for too long or by not fulfilling other requirements, such as paying taxes or renewing their residency after a trip abroad. If you are in the United States and have been past the age of 18 for at least two years, you may be eligible to qualify for an I-601A waiver. Here’s a guide on how an attorney can help with it-

Find out if there’s an objection

Your attorney will find out if there is any objection to your application from any government agency that could impact your eligibility. If there is no such objection, your case will go to immigration court for approval. One possible impact that could come about is a denial of your application due to insufficient time or resources being available in the immigration court system.

Can stay with the legal process

An attorney can help you make sure your application is prepared properly and filled out in the right way so immigration officials do not question your documents. In some cases, having an attorney to represent you in court will require additional time for you to attend court proceedings.

Can help with an appeals process

Your attorney can help you file a motion for reconsideration where you can argue for your application. If the government wants to challenge your request for an I-601A waiver, it must present its case before the immigration court.

After the judge has made a decision, you and your attorney will have the opportunity to appeal that decision before the Board of Immigration Appeals. 

The board comprises senior federal judges who can review decisions made by the immigration judge and make a final ruling on whether or not your request for status was handled correctly in court.

Can help prepare for the naturalization

Your attorney can help prepare you for citizenship eligibility if all goes well. By this stage, you should already be a permanent resident and have no obstacles in getting citizenship approval. Your attorney can explain how the process works and help you stay on schedule so that when the time comes, you receive approval to become a citizen of the United States.

Can help in another country

Many eligible people for this waiver decide to apply in another country. When this occurs, the applicant will have to register with the immigration authorities and meet other requirements before the application for a waiver can be considered.

Can help you stay legal in the country

Immigration law is constantly changing, so staying current on all possible changes is essential. An attorney can help you keep up with the most recent changes that could affect your eligibility or your application for a waiver.

Can help keep your status legal.

Even if your application is approved and your case is finalized in time, having an attorney can help protect your legal rights in the future. A lawyer can ensure that all documents and paperwork related to your application are valid. They will watch over any applications filed against you by other government agencies, such as the IRS or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).


In conclusion, an immigration attorney can help you reach legal status more quickly and keep your rights safe. They will make sure your application is filled out properly and that your case does not get rejected by the immigration system.

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