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Let’s talk about manifesting

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Fads are not limited to diets and dresses, they also become part of the wellbeing culture as well. One such keyword that has gained so much traction is manifesting. So, what is manifesting? Does it actually work? Let’s find out!

What is manifesting?

Manifesting literally means to manifest your reality. As per this concept, we can all create the reality that we desire, simply by envisioning it, using the right words, sending out the energy to the world. 

It allows people to gain control of their life, so that they can set out to achieve what they aspire. It also may be of help for people who get crippled by stress and anxiety, stemming from the state of their life. However, it is important to note that if you are suffering from impaired mental health, you should try to enlist the help of a professional like a Psychologist in Islamabad

Manifesting can be done in different forms; meditation, mindfulness, visualization, affirmations are some of the ways that you can practice mindfulness. 

It involves aligning your energy with your dreams and vision, so that they become synchronized, making it possible for you to achieve what you like. 

Is manifesting like positive thinking?

Well, manifesting can be considered similar to positive thinking, but there is more to it than just changing your mindset. Positive thinking is grounded in the law of attraction; you attract the energy you keep. However, manifesting is not just about attracting positive things, but entails also to actualize the things that you aspire. 

Positive thinking might be a more passive way of trying to improve your life, but manifesting is more active pursuit of your dreams. 

What are the benefits of manifesting?

The most salient benefit of manifesting is in fact, manifesting the life that you want to lead. It allows you to make a pathway to your goals, so you are able to live your dream life. 

Moreover, manifesting also allows you to connect with yourself. It involves self-reflection and introspection; naturally, to find out what you truly desire, you need to think over what you truly want, and not what others have made you believe that you want. 

Furthermore, manifesting also allows people to perceive some control over their life. When everything is spiraling out of control, it can cause a surge in anxiety. On the other hand, when you feel you can dictate the trajectory of events, it can help improve your confidence in your abilities and feel in control. 

So, does manifestation work?

There are conflicting views about manifesting. For some people, it is something they swear by. For the skeptics, its nothing but a cute quirk, far from reality. 

The proponents of manifestation 

The proponents believe manifestation helps you reorient your thinking, so you feel more positive about achieving things that you otherwise would presume unattainable. 

Moreover, the processes of mindfulness, meditation, positive thinking that are key in manifesting are good for your mental health. They help in overcoming the clouds of despair. 

The opponents of manifestation 

The opponents of manifesting also have some solid points to make. Manifesting alone is not sufficient to change the state of affairs; you also need to be grounded in reality for it. Somethings cannot be attained just be dreaming, they need backbreaking work. 

Similarly, manifesting also fails to take into account the complexities of the situation. Even if you manifest, do the hard work, put in all your efforts, you still might not be able to achieve anything. There are various socio-economic factors that are in play that can determine the fate of your dreams. 

Another major critique of manifesting is that it does not favor people who are suffering from mental health problems and are seeking treatment from Psychologist in Rawalpindi. It puts too much pressure on the power of thoughts, and when they are faltering, your entire system can crumble as a result. 

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