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How the cushion or mattress men sleep on affects their health

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How the cushion or mattress men sleep on affects their health

We all know how important is sleep for health. It is the time when our body rests after all the hard work during the day. Thus, the body recharges its lost stamina during sleep to again work with the same intensity the next day. But due to various reasons even getting good sleep is a big thing, such is the irony of today’s world. Famous provers and quotations fill the internet such as money can buy a bed but not sleep. Now, the real motive in this quotation is to arise the feeling that money is not real happiness and we should rise above materialistic pleasure. 

But our topic of today is very much in sync with that proverb. Though you may find a luxurious bed if the cushion or mattress is not appropriate then it will directly impact men’s health. Because we do not directly are in contact with the bed, there is a layer of the mattress over it. Directly sleeping on a wooden bed might incite pain in the back, hence, for comfort we use a mattress or cushion. But due to being too busy, we do not realize the defects in the cushion and mattress which leads to damaging men’s health. 

Not just physical ailments but even mentally and all other aspects of life may get affected. Men with improper cushions may look for pills like Vidalista 60mg. So, you can understand how deep is the problem.

Contribution to back pain

One of the major reasons for back pain in most patients is inappropriate cushions or mattresses. And the most unfortunate thing about this reason is that people don’t even realize that their cushion or mattress is leading to such intense back pain. With back pain, most people believe that it is just a minor pain that is gone automatically within a few hours. But it is not, you do not change your bed every night. So, on the first night when you feel little pain you do not realize it. But after a few weeks or months daily sleeping on an inappropriate cushion or matters makes that minor back pain severe requiring medical treatment. 

This is bound to happen because continuous stress on a specific muscle will lead to pain. Especially in the spinal cord where the bones make up the backbone and are in direct contact with the mattress, an inappropriate mattress makes them stretch at an undesired angle Cenforce 200 mg

Can cause asthma

Many men may not believe how asthma and cushions are related but there is a very meaningful relationship. Asthma is caused due to small particles known as triggers. These triggers can be tobacco, dust particles, pollen grains, vehicular emissions or any such particle with which after coming in contact you sneeze or cough terribly. You would be glad to know that your cushion or mattress is the storehouse of dust mites. Thus, when you go to sleep you get into extremely close contact with your nasal area. This is why you would have observed that as soon as you fall asleep you tend to sneeze and cough insanely. For the same reason, it is said to keep cushions always clean and free of germs. 

You may not know this and daily sleeping on the same cushion may lead to asthma. Hence, it is better to take preventive measures and clean the cushion/mattress or even change it when for the first time you sneeze or cough immediately after coming into its contact. 

Shortage of sleep

Most of the time the blame for not letting people sleep peacefully for desired hours goes to the employers and especially the big tech organizations. But another reason is your cushion or matters itself. An uncomfortable cushion can be tolerated for one or two days not for an entire month. Due to the undesired position of the head or backbone, you may not be able to sleep properly and wake up several times during the night. 

Now, just imagine if you have arrived from work at late night and while sleeping at midnight you wake up multiple times. You cannot expect a good morning in the literal sense. Instead, it will add to your stress making you go mad. Such men tend to have less productivity and also fail in satisfying their partner in bed. Due to this, they have to depend on pills like Fildena 150 mg


It is important that we realize the role of cushions and mattresses on men’s health. It may not seem a big issue but it has the tendency to affect both mental and physical health decisively. So, it is not necessary to buy an expensive cushion or mattress but it is more important to keep it neat and clean.

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