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How To Play Craps Game as Beginner

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Craps Game

Craps is a popular casino game that requires both luck and strategy. It’s also one of the most exciting casino games out there since the player is involved in the game themselves and there’s a reveal of how the game has turned out. 

It may be a somewhat intimidating game for a beginner since there’s a lot of commotion and the rules may seem to be a bit complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you’re familiar with how the game is played, you’ll do fine.

The personnel

Before we can discuss any craps strategy you need to start by knowing the personnel involved in the game, as well as their role in the gameplay. The three main roles to be aware of are dealers, box person, and stick person. 

The box person is the one who’s responsible for the table and they supervise how the game is played and the rules are followed to the letter as they should be. They handle disputes and are in charge of chips. 

The dealer that’s located to the right of the box person is the 2nd base dealer. The dealer to the left of them is the 3rd base player. 

The stick person is located across from the box person on the opposite end of the table. 

How is the Game Played?

The game is played with dice and the goal is to get a point or a number. This is done by adding the numbers on the two dice that you’ve rolled and got the same number again before a seven is rolled. The person that rolls the dice is known as the shooter.

The number that is marked as pucks are the points of the game. That’s the number you should get before you get the sevens. When a point is made, the marks are now off and you get to make the mark again. 

How the Bets Are Made?

There are a few common bets that are made in craps. These are known as pass lines, place bets, hard ways, and craps and eleven. 

Pass line: The bets are made so that the first roll of seven to eleven wins, or that 2,3 and 12 losses. 

Don’t pass bet: Bets are made that on the first roll 2 to 3 wins or 12 is a push, or that 7 and 11 losses. 

Come bet: It’s a game within the game with the same rules as pass the line but in a different scope.
Don’t bet: It’s also a game within a game with the same rules as don’t pass bet. 

Field bet: That’s the bet that’s won if any of the numbers in the field box comes up. 

Place bet: The bets are made on the point numbers that are not contact bets. 

It’s not allowed to bet on the individual dice and most dealers won’t accept it. Instead, you should bet on the combined point of two dice. 

Decide on How Much You Can Bet

The first step to setting up a betting strategy with craps is to know how much you can bet and therefore how much you’re willing to lose when things don’t go your way.  That’s the amount you’re going to put into your deposit, and that’s how much you should be willing to lose. 

This is a simple enough principle but it’s about the strength of will that’s required to give up on a game if it goes poorly for you. It’s best to set up the amount and stick to it no matter what. 

Learn About Betting Limits

Most craps tables have betting limits that state both the minimum and maximum amount you can bet. It’s important that you inquire about these so that you can choose a table that suits your needs and your deposit range. This can be found on the casino site or one of the review aggregates. 

It’s best to bet on a table that won’t max out your bets too fast and that will allow you to get a feel for a game as well as lose a few rounds in the process. 

What’s The Return To Player

The return to player refers to how much a player can win from their overall gameplay on a craps table. It’s usually presented as a percentage. A table with a 97 percent return to player rate means you get 97 percent of your funds back. The casino keeps the remaining three. This means that most if not all players will leave at least a portion of their funds to the casino. 

It’s relatively easy to find the return to player rates for the craps table you want to try since the casino will offer it themselves and there are review sites that provide such information.

To Sum Up

Craps is one of the most popular table games in most casinos. The game is a bit more complex than others you might try but this shouldn’t discourage you from playing it. Start by learning the rules and making sure you’re comfortable with them. It’s also a good idea to stick to the rules that apply to any other gambling game. That means that you shouldn’t spend more than you’ve planned to and you need to pay attention to the player before picking a table. It won’t guarantee you’ll win but it minimizes your losses and increases your odds.

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