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Top 10 Reasons to Get an ITIL Certification

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ITIL Certification

ITIL refers to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, the most important governing body for the Information Technology (IT) sector. It makes use of the ITIL service lifecycle to cover the entire process starting from the needs of customers to different processes used for improving end-services. ITIL is important for tech companies and therefore people working in these companies must know the basics of ITIL to enjoy the appealing advantages. Employees working in an IT company must get an ITIL certification to make use of the included strategies used by the companies.

The top 10 reasons for which employees working in an IT company must obtain ITIL Certification in Geneva are given here:

High salary

Obtaining an ITIL certification will help to improve your Resume and you can also enhance your business workflow. You can get better job opportunities. Besides, it is considered one of the most important certifications and it increases the chances of getting higher-paid salary jobs. People who earn this certificate become eligible to get six figures salaries. 

Improved skills

ITIL certification is divided into five different levels that represent different degrees & importance.

Level-1: It is the basic entry-level ITIL course that helps people to become well acquainted with the general ideas, formats, and terms used in the ITIL work cycle.

Level-2: The second-level certification focuses on the ways to adapt and adopt the ITIL framework in everyday work.

Level-3: This is a more advanced level as compared to the first two levels and it is divided into different modules and includes in-depth knowledge of the first two certification levels. This certification is the basic qualification for a person to get a good role in the IT industry. 

Level-4: This is a more advanced level and gives more knowledge about the ITIL scheme. This is a high-level certificate to use ITIL knowledge and practices. 

Level-5: It is the last certificate that gives complete knowledge of the methods, rules, and techniques of ITIL and its different management schemes. People who get this level of certificate are considered to be the most valuable in their field.

Getting a certificate of any level will increase the skills of a person and help to get better knowledge to manage ITIL and use its strategies throughout most IT infrastructures. The knowledge of ITIL practices will make anyone a trusted and in-demand individual, and also it helps to enhance the confidence of the certified professional to play his/her role properly in the company.

Unique Identity

After getting an ITIL certification you can become confident of your innate abilities. The certification can help you to get an advantage over other candidates in job hires who do not possess this certificate. The certificate is proof of your better knowledge and skills in the IT sector. It makes the employers understand that it is worth investing money in you as you can give them lucrative business. You may have to spend money on getting this certificate but this will help you in the long run.

Better Prospects

ITIL’s importance is increasing day by day and the certification will have better prospects. Its importance is not going to diminish in the future but AXELOS is regularly making changes and updating its certification courses to keep pace with the changing time in ITIL. Thus, getting an ITIL certificate will prepare you for the future and there is a huge demand for ITIL experts in different fields such as change management, incident management, etc. 

You can do Your Role Properly

After getting an ITIL certification you can play your role efficiently and properly in an organization. People possessing the highest level of ITIL certificate can understand the policies properly and can apply the same for the beneficial results of the company. Individuals having this career-constructive certificate can prove themselves and showcase their skills & knowledge by doing their work efficiently.

In-demand Throughout the World

The most important benefit of getting an ITIL certificate is that it is accepted throughout the world. The principles and methods can be used in every industry. Thus, ITIL applications have no limits which mean that certified professionals have many opportunities knocking on their doors to enhance their job opportunities in the market. There is a huge demand for people who understand the ITIL framework and they have a wide range of options in the different industries.

Increased Flexibility

The best things about getting an ITIL certification are that its knowledge is very broad and when you understand it deeply it gives you more flexibility to enhance your areas of expertise. This increases your value in the company. If you possess a high level of certificate, you are eligible to play different roles in the industry. 

Improve Knowledge and Credibility

Obtaining an ITIL certification not only improves your knowledge but also increases your credibility. You can surely get new job opportunities as you can easily understand the ITIL framework and implement the principles, and strategies to improve the output and work in an organization. You can play your role confidently in an IT organization.

You can get Improved ROI

ITIL certified people are in huge demand and they can be easily hired by the people who want to make improvements in their organizations. When you possess an ITIL certification, your ROI will improve. You can use new ideas and strategies learned from this course to work efficiently and make improvements in an organization.

Fruitful Efforts

Getting ITIL certifications will give you fruitful results. Your time and effort spent in getting this certificate will not go wasted as your skills will improve and you become an expert in the field. Your demand for better job opportunities will increase in the industry. Getting this certificate is useful for your career growth and it will also help you in the long run.


Other than the 10 reasons listed above to get an ITIL certificate, there are many other advantages an individual will have with this certification. Besides, it will also improve your knowledge of different tools and strategies that could help you to achieve your business goals. Hope! You will take the informed decision in the matter.

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