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NFT’s are coming to Instagram!- And here’s all you need to know about them

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By this time, you might have heard that Meta, the new parent company of Facebook, announced to the public that it has started testing NFT’s on Instagram. Right now, on Instagram, the NFT’s made on Ethereum and polygon blockchain are supported, and slowly with time, Solana and flow will be too. Before getting carried away with it all, it was also announced that, at the moment, only a few select creators and collectors would be allowed to use the feature to showcase and sell their NFT’s through posts or direct messages.

All this talk about NFT’s might be a little confusing if you are just starting out; before getting into the recent update, it is important to know the basics of an NFT and how an NFT works, so let’s get into the basics and move further. 

What is NFT

An NFT or a Non-fungible token is a computerized resource that addresses genuine items like craft, music, in-game things and recordings. They are traded on the web, and they are by and large encoded with similar hidden programming as numerous cryptos.

NFTs are endorsements of proprietorship related to this present reality or computerized protests and are minted on the blockchain. Now you might be wondering what a blockchain is

A blockchain is a conveyed data set divided between the hubs of a PC organization. A blockchain basically stores data electronically in a computerized design as a data set.

NFT’s on Instagram

Instagram’s feature will permit a gathering of Instagram creators, sellers, and buyers to share their NFTs on Instagram. It shows that they aren’t simply customary pictures or recordings; however, they are unique and various pictures or recordings. 

Each post on Instagram will show a “shimmer effect,” have a little “digital collectable” symbol, consequently label the maker and the proprietor (on the off chance that security settings permit), and show data about the particular NFT and the assortment its essential for. Clients should associate the crypto wallet containing their NFT with Instagram to confirm this.

On making the announcement, Adam Mosseri said, “I want to acknowledge upfront that NFTs and blockchain technologies are all about distributing trust and distributing power”, despite meta being a very central platform. It believes in the sense of community and providing opportunities to its users.And another thing to note is instagram does not plan to make you pay money for uploading your NFT’s unlike platforms like twitter

 Here are the creators who are doing the test run with Instagram @adambombsquad, @bluethegreat, @bossbeautiesnft, @c. syresmith, @cynthiaerivo, @garyvee, @jenstark, @justmaiko, @maliha_z_art, @misshattan, @nopattern, @oseanworld, @paigebueckers, @phiawilson, @swopes and @yungjake.

And according to Mr Zuckerberg, if all turns out well, we might see NFT’s on Facebook soon enough.

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History of NFT

Kevin McCoy created the first NFT on May 3rd 2014; he made the first NFT called ‘Quantum’ on the Namecoin Blockchain. McCoy and his wife were digital artists. Quantum’ is a computerized picture of a pixelated octagon that mesmerizingly changes tone and moves in a way suggestive of an octopus.

The NFT moment started with artists wanting to immortalize their art and get a wider audience from there. As the years progressed, we saw the birth of coloured coins, which would later act as the foundation for what we see as NFT’s today. Coloured coins were a lot less sophisticated, and they basically allowed real-life assets on the blockchain; then came the peer to peer financial platforms, which were far more decentralized and free-flowing.

Following these occasions, and many trial and error and developments all worked up to where NFTs are today.

It was the year 2018-2021 that NFT’s were becoming more public and blown up; suddenly, they were everywhere; it was almost as if the NFT community was planning their big breakthrough over the years, and it seemed to be working, everyone was talking about them, and you can clearly see in in the pop culture the memes and celebrities being an integral part of the NFT movement.

NFTs on pop culture

When NFT’s started off, they were always the punchline of a joke or being mocked, but now you see celebrities coming out with their own NFT lines.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you have likely seen some sort of NFT in almost every social media platform.

One of the most popular NFT’s Bored Ape Yacht Club celebrities like Kylie Jenner, the chainsmokers etc 


NFT’s have huge potential, and it’s safe to say that we are only at the beginning stages with companies like meta. Taking them into the spotlight could only mean there’s more to come. NFT’s could possibly change the way we view art and proprietorship. But there also seems to be a downside. According to the wall street journal, the sale of NFT’s has gone lower than expected, so the NFT game could play out both ways. Only time will tell.

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