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Plan the best trip for your girl bestie. Include these 9 surprises

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trip for your girl bestie

Planning an entire trip for your bestie is difficult, especially in a city like Melbourne, with so much to offer. To make things easy, here are nine great activities you must include in the itinerary.

1. Plan a road trip to Mornington

If your bestie loves swimming, then not visiting this place is a loss. Mornington is famous for having crystal clear waters, hot white sand, and rocky surroundings. So you guys can swim around in the ocean and explore sea life.

Finish the day with a pizza and enjoy the scenic beauty with a beer.

2. Stroll around the South Melbourne market

If your partner is a shopping junkie, this should be on the top of your list. This city even offers a guided tour to show you the hidden gems of the South Melbourne market. Trust me; this market is an absolute treasure for shopaholics.

Remember, they provide guided tours only on the second Saturday. So make sure to book in advance to avoid delays and make sure it is in sync with your girlfriend’s plan.

3. Ride a boat on the Yarra river

When your bestie experiences the beauty of Melbourne while floating on the water, trust me, they will thank you like never before.

If your friend is climate-conscious, you don’t have to worry as the boat is eco-friendly. While on the ride, she can gorge on to snacks and alcohol-free drinks as much as they want.

Boating rides are always perfect to have a relaxing day for friends. You can check out this large cruise marine refrigerator which can make your boating vacations even more enjoyable, and convenient.

4. Book a session at a spa

No girl can resist a happy day at the spa. Miss Fox is the most famous spa in Melbourne, and you must book their services for your bestie.

The hospitality of this place is exemplary. At first, your friend will be greeted with french champagne so she can relax. Then she will be treated with the services that you booked for her. You have a wide range of options to select from.

They provide aromatherapy, nail treatment, spa and massages, hair care, lash lifting, and many more. The best one is their Spa and massage therapy. The skin exfoliation, massage, and facial will give your bestie an instant glow-up.

5. Go on a mystery picnic with a model

If your friend had a bad breakup and is missing her ex, or she has been single for a long time and is in need of intimacy, you can book an escort service for her. Before doing anything, make sure she agrees to it.

If everything goes well, you can take the services of Melbourne escorts and send them off to a mystery picnic destination.

These destinations are available all over Victoria. However, make sure to arrange things in advance. If the date goes well, send them to Chinatown in the CBD and pre-order Melbourne’s famous dumplings.

6. Book a seat at the Millinery workshop

Women in Melbourne have a fascination for hats. So they hire people to make hats that match their outfits. Milliner Serana Lindman is well known for hosting these workshops; you can book a seat there for your friend.

She only picks three to seven people so that she can teach them the art perfectly. Several other people also host Millinery workshops.

Search on Google with the keyword Millinery workshops in Melbourne to find out more about it.

7. Give her a taste of Skydiving

If your girl bestie is always on the lookout for new adventures, give her the skydiving experience. She will be mesmerized by the natural beauty of Melbourne. This will surely take away all the stress from her life and replace it with excitement.

8. Arrange a tour at NGV

If your bestie admires art, then you can arrange a trip for her at NGV. This place doesn’t require any fee to explore the art. It also has a makeshift bar and live music facilities.

9. Make her visit the horse race

Anyone can enjoy the horse race in Melbourne. If she is visiting the city between the months of September to November, you can book her a seat at Victoria racing club. The minimum ticket fee is $45 dollars.

Over to you…

Buddy, you can select everything from this list or pick the ones according to your bestie’s preferences. Make sure to send the booking details a day before the activity so she can reach there on time.

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