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Problem With Coming a Bit too Soon

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Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction that results in the repeated achievement of orgasm or ejaculation before, or shortly after, penetration. It is necessary that this situation is repeated over a long period of time in which intercourse with appropriate ejaculation is not achieved to be considered sexual dysfunction, since it is understood within normality that these situations can occur in isolated periods.

It is a very common mistake not to go to the urology specialist to treat this pathology, even though he or she can best assess and advise us on how to cure premature ejaculation.

Despite being a taboo subject for many, it is more common than is believed: recent studies show that around 40% of the male population has suffered premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. This is not an alarming fact, rather normalizing, which can help many to assume the situation and bet on an effective solution.

Causes of premature ejaculation

Knowing the causes that causes this immediacy in the male orgasm, will give us the keys to know how to cure premature ejaculation.

Stress and depression are often the main psychological causes, which can lead to anxiety and guilt. Infrequent sexual intercourse, inexperience and sexual arousal also help this situation. Emotional maturity and the accumulation of sexual experience are usually the best help to solve this dysfunction when it is caused by emotional reasons.

Premature ejaculation is rarely caused by physical problems, although it can happen. Hormonal problems (defects in the thyroid and adrenal glands), side effects of some drugs, bad habits such as smoking and chronic alcoholism or drug use, as well as physical injuries (urinary tract and prostate infection), can be the cause. In these cases it is essential to be advised by a professional to tell us how to cure premature ejaculation.

Two types of premature ejaculation are established in terms of psychological causes, primary and secondary.

  • The man has never had a penetrative sexual relationship in which he has achieved an appropriate ejaculate. It is associated with inadequate masturbation caused by the rush to reach orgasm and sexual overexcitement due to inexperience. It is very common among teenagers.
  • The man has enjoyed sexual intercourse with penetration controlling the time of ejaculation, but due to external causes (emotional problems, stress, prolonged sexual inactivity or high degree of sexual arousal), he experiences periods where he is unable to control the ejaculate.

In addition to the type, there are also different degrees depending on the severity.

  • Level 1. Associated with adolescents or bad habits in masturbation. This is the easiest and fastest level to correct.
  • Level 2. These are patients who have been able to enjoy optimal intercourse with penetration and due to stress or anxiety have difficulty controlling the time of ejaculation. It also has a quick and easy solution.
  • Level 3. This is level 2 exacerbated. In these cases, if the matter is not treated with the property it deserves, we could develop a sexual disorder and make the solution difficult.
  • Level 4. We are talking about a sexual disorder that needs the help of a specialist to be treated. In these cases, the emotional burden and guilt is high and appropriate therapy is necessary for each situation.

Diagnosis of premature ejaculation

The most appropriate way to adequately address the problem of premature ejaculation and achieve definitive results is to go to a specialist. A urological consultation can help us detect possible physical and emotional disorders that are causing the problem, help us identify how to cure premature ejaculation and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

The main objective of the diagnosis is to make sure in the first instance that the patient manages to ejaculate with minimal stimulation or that he is not able to adequately control ejaculation.

A complete history of the patient will be carried out to address all the possibilities and an analysis to assess hormone levels and rule out infections. After the psychological and andrological study of the patient, the most appropriate treatment will be proposed, which may be psychological or pharmacological.

How to cure premature ejaculation

There are numerous treatments to solve premature ejaculation, adapted to the needs of each patient. They can be classified into psychological and pharmacological:

  • Psychological therapy aims to help the patient control their sexual arousal, as well as to normalize the situation and learn to communicate with their partner, comfortably expressing their needs and frustrations.
  • Regarding pharmacological treatments, there are medications such as Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine based drugs, they’re are proven effective over years with little to no side effects, a good example is Super Kamagra.

In addition, there are many techniques that applied during sexual intercourse can help prevent premature ejaculation.

  • Do not rush, spend more time on the preliminaries and try to be relaxed with the help of breathing.
  • Interrupt penetration or stimulation for approximately 30 seconds, when ejaculation is approaching and it arrives earlier than desired. It can be done with a change of posture. Another similar technique is to lightly press the upper part of the penis with your fingers when the moment of ejaculation approaches in order to delay it.
  • Work the pubococcygeus or PC muscles. They are found in the male pelvic floor and are responsible for controlling the flow of semen in ejaculation. Kegel exercises are the most recommended technique to work these muscles. Through the pressure of these muscles we manage to block the semen duct and thus delay the moment of ejaculation.

We hope that these keys will assist you in determining how to cure premature ejaculation. If no improvement is seen after using personal treatments, a consultation with a specialist is the best solution.

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