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Let’s be honest; drug addiction is nothing new. Every year, many people, men or women, kids, and adults, suffer from drug addiction worldwide. 

According to a fact sheet published by NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), 20.4 million people in the United States became the target of substance abuse disorder last year. These stats may be overwhelming to you.

You might be wondering what exactly drug abuse is? Drug abuse refers to a chronic yet treatable neurobiological disorder. 

In this disorder, the patient finds it hard to stop themselves even after knowing it is bad for their health, relationships, and other aspects of life. 

Initially, all addicts believe they have control over how their brain functions. So they misuse drugs to either feel pleasure or get away from real-life problems. 

However, unfortunately, stopping yourself from drug addiction becomes more challenging as time passes. 

But fortunately, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. The truth is you can overcome drug addiction and live a sober life. 

So are you a drug addict but looking for surefire ways to combat your addiction and live a drug-free life? This article can help you succeed in stopping your addiction:

Seek professional help

Drug addiction is a treatable medical condition. And like any other medical condition out there, you need to take it seriously and find no shame in getting yourself treated by professionals. 

The healthcare system has established structured programs to treat addiction. So consult a professional healthcare provider who can support you in your decision to quit drugs and offer the right help you need. 

However, with so many treatment facilities worldwide, you might be feeling unsure which one to opt for. If such is the case, consider referring to Delphi health group, which understands your specific needs and helps you start on the road to addiction recovery. 

The well-qualified and well-trained professionals can help determine the root of your addiction and offer you a tailored treatment plan for your long-lasting recovery.

Admit and be willing to quit

Answer this. How would you seek treatment for quitting addiction when you don’t realize you have a problem? Therefore, acknowledgment and admittance are necessary steps to overcome your addiction. 

Simply put, the road to drug addiction recovery starts with your mindset. Once you admit you have a drug addiction. 

Only then will you be willing to make a change. Until then, you will be only justifying your actions or behaviors in one way or another. 

While this step is crucial, it is also one of the most challenging steps. Since change seems scary to everyone, most addicts are in denial at first. 

They keep making excuses so they can continue living an addictive lifestyle. No worries if you aren’t accepting that you have a problem right away. 

Take your time but once you admit it, be sure to set clear and realistic goals on how you can overcome addiction.

Keep your triggers and environment in check

What triggers you to abuse drugs? The answer to this question will help you learn the strategies you can adopt to resist your urge. Keep in mind that every individual has different triggers.

For instance, some people in your circle might provoke you to consume drugs. Or your financial crises and relationship issues might push you to become an addict. 

Whether you wish to get high or escape real-life problems, determining your triggers can help you avoid misusing drugs. 

Moreover, when quitting an addiction, your environment plays a crucial role. Take a look around your home and workplace. Separate yourself from any person or object that reminds you of your previous addictive lifestyle.

Look for a support community

There is no denying that overcoming drug addiction is no walk in the park. You will encounter several ups and downs during your recovery journey. 

However, the good part is you don’t need to be alone on this journey. Instead, you can build a support group that motivates and inspires you. 

Your support community can include friends, family members, and even office colleagues who can offer you words of encouragement whenever you face any difficulty.

You can also look for professional support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. In addition, you can seek counseling or therapy so you can share your thoughts and feelings.

Maintain healthy lifestyle

Unquestionably, one best way to live a drug-free life and resist temptations is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Exercise is a natural remedy. Even for 30-minutes daily, physical activity can help improve your mood and prevent you from relapsing. So start with moving your body. 

For example, you can take a walk, go cycling, jogging, etc. In addition, physical activity can help improve your physical health, such as reducing the risks of cancer, diabetes, heart problems, etc.

Furthermore, keep an eye on what you eat and drink. Consuming healthy food can keep you sober. Thus, your healthy diet must include protein-rich foods, fat, calcium, carbohydrates, etc.

Try mindfulness activities

Undoubtedly, the present life is full of stress and worries. As a result, the chances of abusing drugs are high. 

It is relevant to note that drug addiction is a brain disorder. So since everything starts from your mindset, you need to pay attention to your attitude, thoughts, and behavior. 

So, whenever you feel drawn toward drugs, practice positivity. 

A pro tip is to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness helps you manage your negative emotions, such as anger, anxiety, frustration, etc., and also relaxes your mind and body. 

Common mindfulness activities you can indulge in include yoga,  deep breathing, mindful eating, etc.

Find meaning in your life

Last but not least, take tension away from life pressures by giving meaning to your life. Finding a purpose in your life can help you rebuild your life. Thus, determine the one thing you are most passionate about in your life.

Of course, there would be something that you love to do or some hidden talent you might have that you can do to divert your mind and stay productive. 

It could be anything, such as joining a book club, volunteer work, or other hobbies. 

Since you would be investing your energy and time in productive activities, you will find a sense of contentment and resist your cravings. 


No wonder change always seems to be difficult and overwhelming. Being an addict, you might be looking for different excuses to continue your addictive lifestyle instead of giving up on abusing drugs. 

However, remember it’s never too late to have a start fresh. So practice patience and determination, and you will be good to go on your road to recovery.

Be mindful that the road to a drug-free life is no easy feat, and it can’t happen overnight. So you can’t rush the process of overcoming addiction.

You will find many challenges, and relapse is one of them. Instead of feeling demotivated with relapse, try to take it as a challenge and beat your addiction.

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