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Tips for Choosing the Best Drug and Alcohol Detox

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Drug and Alcohol use has always been concerning when it comes to living a prosperous and healthy life. Having a history of breaking families, and damaging lives, drug and alcohol addiction are genuinely terrible conditions. People who depend on excessive substance use disrupt everything from their home, and job, to social interactions. Your sobriety is pivotal, which is why it becomes crucial that you choose the right rehab. While there is a multitude of options available, you must figure out your preferences to make the right selection. For example, if you are suffering from a dual diagnosis, you must verify whether the rehab you are choosing has the resources to treat dual-diagnosis cases or not.
Also, to avoid any confusion, make a list of questions that you want to ask the drug detox and alcohol detox centre in detail so that there is no confusion left. It will help you decide with a clear head and without any complications.

Treatment Methods

A good rehabilitation centre meets all your needs. For example, when you visit a rehab centre, make sure to ask or check if they provide the treatment you need. For example, if you are looking for alcoholism treatment, the rehab centre should have that. Look for rehab with customized plans for the drug and alcohol detox process. A few treatment methods that you must look for in the plan are:
● Spiritual counselling
● Psychiatry services
● Group therapy
● Medical care
● Intervention
● Life-skills building
● Individual therapy
● Recreational activities
● Relapse prevention programming
● Dual-diagnosis treatment
These treatment methods help patients build long-term relationships with their peers and therapists so that the path to sobriety becomes a little easier, centred, and more focused. And once the detoxification process is complete, patients successfully proceed towards sobriety, leaving the drug withdrawal symptoms behind.

Accreditation and License

Accreditation and license need your due diligence. While accreditation demonstrates the commitment to quality care, the license gives an authority to practice medicine. A few common certifications a licensed rehab centre must hold include the Joint Commission, LegitScript, and CARF Accreditation.
Also, popularity doesn’t equate to quality. So, if you have seen countless ads or TV commercials about a certain rehab centre, it doesn’t mean that it is reputable or trustworthy. Always decide after doing thorough research. Check the website, review their social media profiles, and read reviews on 3rd party review sites such as Google Business, Yelp, The Fix and Psychology Today.

Insurance Plans

Enquiring about insurance plans is probably one of the most important tips out of all. You must ask them what type of insurance they take and what are the finance options, in case you don’t have coverage. Unlike government service providers, private treatment centres can be outright expensive. So, unless you are unbelievably rich, the cost of the drug detox process depends on the insurance. While mental health and substance use disorder treatment is often covered in insurance plans, the acceptance of the same by the facility is a matter of concern.
Also, most facilities tie-up with numerous insurance carriers so that patients can cover the cost of the detox process. You can contact the rehab facility to verify your benefits and know what services are covered in your plan.

Holistic Therapy

Addressing the ‘whole’ person is what holistic therapy means in layman’s terms. In holistic therapy, an individual’s spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional well-being is assessed, so that they can develop a deeper understanding of themselves. Before choosing the rehab, find out if they provide alternative therapies, such as EMDR, biofeedback, and adventure therapy.
Holistic therapy commonly includes:
● Chiropractic care
● Massage therapy
● Nutritional education
● Guided meditation
● Tai chi
● Yoga
● Acupuncture
● Equine-assisted therapy
● Recreational activities
● Art therapy

Detox Admission Process

Before entering the detox centre, ask them about their specific admission process so that you can prepare for the same. In most facilities, there is a pre-screening on-call process in which the admission counsellor determines your condition and lets you know if the facility provides what you are looking for or not.
Also, ask the admission representative to tell you about the inclusions, the necessary documents and items to bring when you come to the facility. You can also ask about the location or pickup service to the admission representative.

Aftercare Support

Unfortunately, the recovery process from drug and alcohol misuse or addiction doesn’t stop when a treatment period ends. Instead, aftercare support is given to continue the treatment. In aftercare support, patients undergo inpatient rehab or outpatient rehabilitation services. Aftercare support includes group counselling sessions, individual therapy, 12-step programs, and more. Also, patients are monitored for a certain period if they are doing fine without drugs and alcohol, and if not, the rehab centre executives take them back to the facility to keep them on track.

Find Treatment Today

Once you choose the right rehab for you, get yourself enrolled to start the recovery process. While every rehabilitation centre has its unique policies and procedures in place, it is better to obtain all the information beforehand. Make sure to carefully review your options as finding treatment can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are various alcohol and drug detox centres in the UK where you can find help for yourself and your loved ones. Contact an alcohol addiction detox centre today!

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