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Top Label Printers To Choose from in 2022

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Label Printers

Convenient label printers are indispensable tools that make a tremendous difference in the production cycle and enhance the solution for labelling products or cartons. The commercial sector uses label printers available in several variants, out of which labelling printers like Zebra printers and phone printers are preferable in the commercial industry.

Label printers are one of the finest commercial tools. To be precise, label printing is the process of printing customisable labels. The application of label printing is in number, and these methods include flexographic printing, digital printing, and wide-format printing. From small businesses to massive warehouses, every firm uses label printers.

Industries that dominantly use label printers are:

  • Logistics
  • Mobile manufacturers
  • Warehouses
  • Food and beverages manufacturers
  • Technical accessory brands
  • Retail
  • Healthcare

Most business owners have adopted label printers like phone printers and alike printers because of their dynamic abilities. Label printers like Zebra printers and other variants have a variety of applications and usage. The versatile nature of label printers has helped commercial sectors to ease the process of workflow. There are various types of label printers. Every label printer has different specifications, and the variants are available to meet multiple requirements of the commercial sector.

Top label printers

The label printers come in different variations. Commercial sectors require label printers that suit their requirements. Finding the right printer as per specific requirements is not that easy. Several label printers are available, and choosing the right one can be confusing. Here are the top-rated and finest label printers that can meet and fit well with your commercial needs:

1. Mobile label printer

Mobile label printers are wireless printers. Commercial sectors use it to make high-quality labels and receipts. This phone printer is dynamic enough to be used in any kind of environment. Whether indoors or outdoors, it works anywhere. Small businesses can access a mobile phone printer by a mobile phone because it has features that enable it to connect through a handheld computer, tablet, and smartphone. You may secure the connection through WiFi, Bluetooth, or any USB connection.

Some use mobile barcode label printers to increase their productivity for better performance.

2. Desktop label printers

Desktop label printers are different from the usual label printers. It has a unique feed mechanism to hold rolled stock or tear sheets. It is a computer printer used to print self-adhesive labels and tags. It has a wide range of applications that involve supply chain management, packaging labels, blood and lab specimen marking, and retail price marking.

Desktop label printers are handy for medium-duty use, and it has a roll stock-up of 100 mm and 4 inches in width. A commercial operator can have 800 mm of roll ready for medium-volume printing solutions.

3. Zebra printer

A Zebra mid-range printer is manufactured to carry out medium-heavy duty label printing solutions. With unique mechanisms and specifications, it provides tailored label printing solutions that stand to fit in dynamic commercial sectors. The Zebra printers come into the picture of label printing, primarily for portable printing barcode labels. It increases employee productivity and efficiency. The Zebra label printers are generally used for RFID tags, receipts, and applications.

4. High-performance label printer

For heavy-duty purposes, the commercial sector uses high-performance label printers. It is a very competitive, durable, entry-level printer with incredible printing speed. The high-performance label printers are the best ones for thermal printing.

Not only the high-performance printer provides sheer functionality, but it also has some vital multidimensional features that are easy to use. The stunning printing quality is suitable for 24/7 printing requirements making it the best choice for more extensive production units.

5. Portable label printer

Having hands-on portable printers can be evident for small businesses and retail owners. The name is portable label printer because portable label printers can be carried anywhere. It has a compact body structure that makes it easy to clip on a belt and read to use. Portable label printers are ideal for shelf edge labelling and printing sample labels. One can use it any time to print and stick labels while standing right next to the worksite.

Because portable printers are generally direct thermal printers, these are not appropriate for long-life labels or exposed to high temperatures.

6. Barcode label printer

A barcode printer can be called a computer accessory and it prints barcode labels or tags and these tags can be fastened to physical objects or printed directly on them. Logistics and retail merchandise manufacturers frequently use barcode printers.

The barcode printers use two types of technologies. The first is Direct thermal printers, which generate heat through a printhead, which induces a chemical reaction in specially designed paper to turn it black. The second one is thermal transfer printers. The mechanism of the thermal printer does not interact with the paper. Warehouses and large manufacturing units usually use barcode printers.


To conclude, label printers can be very advantageous for the commercial sector in many ways. It not only does the mere job of label printing but increases the productivity level by saving time for other essential tasks.

Label printers are cheaper than using a third party to print your products. Today’s Label printers are convenient and connect to the computer in seconds. Once you install the correct software, you need to decide what text should be on the label and what size to print. Then load the blank label into the printer and start the printing process; it’s that simple to take control of a label printer.

Label printers are beneficial. Because there are so many label printers available, one can find one that matches their business needs. In a nutshell, here are some of the benefits of convenient label printers:

  • Customised label printing
  • Make changes whenever required
  • Reduce the overhead cost of a third party for label printing
  • Higher profits with low cost per label
  • Satisfied customer label requirements
  • Time-saving

DAL is one of the most reputed convenient label printer providers in Australia. We stand to be the trusted ones because of the high quality of printers and label printing solutions. You are just an email or call away from us to consult and get the best convenient printer.

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