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Wall Painting Ideas You’ll Want to Add to Your House in a Variety of Ways

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Wall Painting Ideas

An accent wall should be more than just a splash of color. You may create a design that sparks conversation, functions as art, and is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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Colorful Walls

An ombre wall adds a gradient color to your accent wall, giving it the appearance of sunrise, water, or even animal fur. “Perhaps this is why ombre effects have become so popular—popping up on everything from walls to apparel, furnishings, and art pieces,” according to the article. You’ll need to decide how many colors you’ll use after you’ve cleaned and prepped your wall. On the House frey website, you may learn to blend colors to make a beautiful ombre wall painting.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are a fun way to brighten up a room with accent wall painting ideas. Tiny dots in a single hue might be hidden, or giant polka dots in various colors can be dramatic. This video from Sherwin-Williams shows how to paint polka dots on walls. Find out what this year’s most excellent wall paint colors are.


As it transforms the wall into a work of art, a watercolor design on an accent wall will undoubtedly elicit conversation. Like a mural, it’s stylish and one-of-a-kind, but the impact is more calming and unobtrusive.

 Stripes that run vertically

Stripes, whether thin or thick, can completely change the appearance of a room. You’ll need to use tape to establish straight lines while painting stripes on a wall. This video from FrogTape shows you how to paint beautiful, straight lines on your wall.

Block of Solid Color

While painting a big block of color in the middle of a wall as a dimensional accent is a simple accent wall painting concept, you can also paint color on one wall that is distinct from the rest of the room. In the middle of a grey wall, there is a bright block of purple. Use tape to construct a square, then paint inside the video to produce a dramatic union of color, similar to stripes.

Ideas for Patterned Wall Painting

Choose a design like this for a wall painting concept that appears challenging but is pretty simple. To make the pattern, you’ll need tape, and you can use as many colors as you want. Ace Hardware’s video demonstrates how simple it is to create the design on an accent wall.

Wall with Chalkboard

To make an accent wall, use chalkboard paint. This will allow you and your family to change the place’s aesthetic as much as you desire by using different chalk drawings.

Colorful Half-Color

Here’s an example of a bold paint look: Use a single color on half of the wall. This may or may not be the appropriate style for you, but it does create a striking accent wall.

Striped Rainbow

Can’t decide on a single color? Make a beeline for the entire rainbow. Paint a rainbow stripe on your whole wall or just a tiny piece, like illustrated below. To achieve the ideal style for your décor, you can employ a range of color combinations.

Color and texture

If a room has one textured wall, paint it a different color to stand out even more. The textured accent wall in this bedroom is painted grey, creating a muted, unobtrusive accent in the room.

Rectangles at random

Cool, contemporary, and eye-catching. This simple wall paint feature will enhance your modern house décor and does not require any artistic or creative abilities to achieve. Choose your favorite color scheme and begin painting random rectangles in various colors.

Blues from the North

The calm, sleek, and minimalist interiors of Scandinavian designs are characterized by blue-grey tones. Cover sections of your wall with numerous styles of Nordic blue. To achieve neat, straight lines, use painter’s tape.

Elegant lines

The headboard wall is an excellent bedroom accent wall. A rich hue of peacock green was used to highlight the wall in this modern bedroom.

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