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Why Your Video SEO Will Benefit From Transcription?

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Search engine optimization videos, which is the process of improving your site to increase its visibility when people search for product or services related to it can easily be enhanced from transcription.

This is because transcription as a process that involves converting audio into text. It is one of the best way to present an executive and systematic work to entice your audience. When transcription is used for videos, it automatically add value to your content, this is not just an assumption since research has been done and proven that platforms such as YouTube reports an average increase of ten percent on views just because they use of texts.
In this article you will learn how transcription services enhance your content quality in various ways such as

Expanding the Wingspan of your reach

When creating a video and you decide to add readable words to them, it usually expands your audience. This is because it becomes the best option video for those people with hearing impairment. Such people who find it difficult to comprehend audio will easily read what is being said and still feel not left out. Therefore this is the best strategy to ensure that you get more audience since it is also lenient to people who may need more clarity.
When you avail yourself to a wider audience, it increases the chances gaining more followers. This is because they tend to share and refer your content to other people who might be experiencing the same challenge as them. This marketing promotes your videos and elevates your ranking on both search engines and platforms.

Promotes Algorithm- Friendly information

When you opt to incorporate completing texts to your videos, it automatically increases your exposure. This is because a video on its own doesn’t always do well therefore complementing it with readability makes it unique and also marketable. You make your content to be one step ahead of the others which can influence increase in the number of conversion of viewers to your content.

Improving your content quality

Transcription makes a good video better. Since it always proves that you are serious about what you are creating as long as you do not get your transcription from the wrong place. You should avoid to use auto generated options for transcription since they may produce low accuracy results on your content that you took time and effort to create.

Such an incidence can reduce the value of your content and presentation making you to lose the audience that you might have costed you a lot to build. On the other hand , using a trusted transcription service like Go Transcript will most definitely make your content more competitive and most preferred since it is 99% accurate hence quality videos.

Increase exposure with keyword optimization

When most individuals go online, they might not remember everything they want to search but most probably have a keyword on their mind to guide them. This is why transcription has a higher chance to help your video more than you even anticipated. During transcription ,it is a great idea to use a combination of brad terms and more specific phrases will increase the chance of your video showing up when any viewer tries to search something related to it.

Helps to boost Organic Traffic with Video Transcript SEO

If you are thinking about increasing your internet popularity on websites or channels, you have to come up high on search engine results therefore transcription always gives you a plus on your content compared to your competitors who might not have used it. This is because video require more effort than just blogs and post to appeal to your viewers.

Enhance Link building and Content

When it comes to video creation, creativity and innovativeness is something that should never be overlooked. For instance at the introduction of your video text, when you place a backlink for reference it makes it easier for a viewer to access your other material without necessarily having to search it. This type of marketing strategy is the one that content creators should embrace.


To sum up, it is important to acknowledge the fact that transcription has the capability to optimize your content production, this can be related to situations where you used texts in a video that you created. To ensure that you have same content on different platform you can convert the video transcript into a blog post which most definitely expands your production without too much straining. For more information about transcription services you can visit the GoTranscript.com.

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