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6 Essential Services To Look For In a National Moving Company

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National moving companies are more prevalent than ever. This results in more customers for national moving companies that handle large, cross-country moves. But what sets the A movers apart from the B or C movers? What should you look for when choosing a national mover? If you’re moving across the country, consider some things when choosing your moving company. While no two moving companies are exactly alike, here are six essential services you should look for in a national moving company. 

1) Climate Control

Every moving company will provide climate-controlled storage during the moving process. Your belongings may need to be stored until they can be moved into your new location while waiting for renovations to finish, or they could be stored while you’re living in your temporary home or apartment. 

Some companies offer this service as an added extra which you’ll have to pay extra for, but most companies offer this at the very least and charge the same rates as their other services. Click here for info about the company’s website or call them to ensure that climate control is one of their advertised services and ask how many items can be stored.

2) Packing and Unpacking

Since you’ve probably already done the bulk of your packing, you’ll only need help to unpack and complete any final touches. This is where a third party can ensure that everything is put away nicely and nothing goes missing. They will also want to go through all your boxes, loading docks, and other property to ensure that all items are accounted for so there are no surprises later. 

While hiring someone to do packing and unpacking will be an expensive option, this added service might be worth it if you have delicate items or limited mobility from injury or illness. A professional can pack things like a crystal without fear of damaging them, so they are ready for display when the box is finally opened.

3) Wardrobe Cases

Wardrobe Cases are a part of the packing service that has your clothes professionally vacuum sealed and rolled to keep them from wrinkling during travel. This is an essential service for anyone who cares about their clothing. Wardrobes make it easy to put your clothes in order after they arrive. Wardrobe cases are available on request, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the movers offer this as part of their moving package.

4) Storage Tracking

Ensuring that your belongings are well stored and in good condition will reduce the risks of damaged or lost goods. When packing fragile items, use the appropriate boxes and move them to their edges. Rugs should be rolled up instead of folded for added protection. Keep identifying labels with you during transport, so you can alert authorities if anything is missing at the destination.

5) Insurance Protection

The destination location will handle your insurance coverage if you move within the same state. Moving to another state, you will need to secure your coverage or select interstate transportation. While all movers must have an operating license, few states require them to carry public liability and property damage insurance.

6) Online Platform Communication

How do you choose which one to hire with so many national moving companies? They all offer the same things on their websites. The best way to decide is by reading reviews and testimonials from previous customers who used them. Once you find one that fits your needs, it’s important to contact them with any questions you may have and to make sure they offer the services you need.


While you are looking for a reputable moving company, be sure to take the time to investigate and understand what they offer thoroughly. Once you find one that offers the services you need, it is in your best interest to go with them.

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