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 Basement Remodels You Have to See

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Basements can be daunting spaces for remodeling. Cluttered, dark, and chilly, basements often convince homeowners to turn their attention to other projects in the home.

But basements don’t have to stay that way. They can be remodeled and finished so that they not only integrate with the rest of the home but become beautiful and valuable assets to the property.

The first goal of any basement remodel is to decide how to finish the large surfaces: flooring, walls, and ceiling. In a completely unfinished basement, the floor may be concrete, the walls concrete block or bare studs, and the ceiling joists of the floor above. Once the major surfaces have been installed, the area can be remodeled just like any other area of the home.

When you see the amazing basement remodels that these homeowners have accomplished, you’ll feel the spark of inspiration to take on this weighty but worthwhile project. To visit the hardhatrenovationguys.ca for the basement remodels.

Before: Basement Ready for Change

This basement space was already in solid, build-ready condition when Beth, at the design blog Unskinny Boppy, decided to turn it into a home office for her husband.

After: Stately Man-Office

After Beth designed this office with decidedly masculine features, she christened it a “man-office,” with its emphasis on wood features, strong colors, and sports. Leaving the ceiling open (but painted), with visible heating ductwork, pares down the budget considerably.

Before: Wood Paneling Overload

The basement space was large enough and showed promise, but it had one major flaw, as far as owner Heather of the design blog The Heathered Nest was concerned: it was seriously ugly. In fact, she calls it the “worst basement you’ve ever seen.” Step one: strip the fake wood paneling and install drywall.

After: Basement Room For a Family

Now that this basement has been remodeled, it is a beautiful, comfortable, and bright space. The centerpiece is a spacious charcoal, tufted velvet sectional sofa that invites the family to gather, play, socialize, and relax together. The super-furry rug lends an air of fun of the room.

Before: Scary and Uninhabitable

Can anything good be said about this basement? Walls are bare, ceiling open, and flooring unfinished.

Fortunately, design blogger Kat, along with husband Mitch, had enough vision to see beyond this basement’s dark, dungeon-like state.

After: Transformed Basement

The result is nothing short of a total basement transformation. Kat and Mitch created multiple zones for multiple needs: half for entertainment and relaxing, half for working. The work zone was even further divided into hers-and-his areas. Kat wisely added tons of light to cheer up the basement, including recessed lights and a chandelier.

Before: Cavernous Basement Remodel

While the area was big enough and ripe for a basement remodel, it had a lot of challenging aspects, including an obtrusive crawlspace door and a looming HVAC system that was hanging down from the ceiling.

An even more challenging aspect: the jack-posts, or adjustable steel columns, shoring up the floor above. These posts could not be removed since they were structurally necessary.

After: Favored Hang-Out Spot

It was the start of a year-and-a-half basement finishing project, but it was well worth all of the effort. Jamin and Ashley of the home design blog The Handmade Home began by installing drywall over the cinderblock walls, applying spray foam insulation, and enclosing the necessary but ugly supporting adjustable steel posts. Next came paint, flooring, and furniture, all fusing together to make a lovely daylight basement for work and play.

Before: Incomplete

The basement provided space for kids to romp around and play. But that’s all it was: space. Home design gurus Chris and Julia decided that it was time to fill it out and give the space more utility and function. They already had a good start, as the walls, ceiling, and floor were finished.

After: Basement Room for All

With all of the kids’ play equipment banished to the backyard, Chris and Julia’s basement remodel is a prime example of how to re-purpose a largely ignored area of the home. A giant sectional sofa invites family to gather, nibble, talk, and play games. Stylish pendant lights, along with recessed lights, brighten and cheer up the space.

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