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Best Outdoor Team Building Activities For Collaboration in Singapore

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Outdoor Team Building Activities

Building a strong team is crucial for improving a number of crucial organizational KPIs. It encourages productive work environments, job happiness, staff retention, and workplace profitability. Teams that have been built through team building have greater communication, and more trust, and can successfully work together to overcome any obstacles. This may be the main motivation for your search for Singapore team-building companies.

In Singapore, the emphasis of team building exercises is on establishing quick bonds. They encourage people to leave their areas of employment so that they can socialize. They get more intimate with one another as a result, which makes it simpler for them to operate together.

There has never been a more crucial time than now to bring back in-person team building. It’s possible that some of your coworkers haven’t had much genuine physical contact with one another. An in-person team building can improve team dynamics, calm frayed tempers, and boost employee engagement.

Here are some of my favorite outdoor team-building activities in Singapore!

Kayaking in Pulau Ubin

Who hasn’t before bicycled on Pulau Ubin? Turn up the adventure-o-meter and kayak through the stunning mangroves of Singapore’s rural neighbor for something more difficult and unusual. On your expedition, you will witness a lot of wildlife that you wouldn’t typically see on the main island, including kingfishers, eagles, mudskippers, otters, and water lizards! There are many paths designed for different levels.

Kayaking is a sport that calls for a lot of coordination and cooperation. What better activity to unite your team than this aquatic adventure?

Adventure in forest 

Perhaps your crew feels stiff from spending so much time at their desks. The first and only treetop obstacle course in Singapore is located in Bedok Reservoir Park, so venture outside! As a group, gather your bravery and support one another as you navigate flying foxes, cross suspension bridges, and take actual leaps of faith.

This obstacle course will teach your team how to face obstacles together, no matter how terrifying they are, in addition to being an amazing experience!

Try Pottery

Many of us have never attempted pottery-making. Pottery has the power to reduce stress because the straightforward and tactile act of shaping clay enables one to take a breather from a busy lifestyle.

Try using ceramics to foster teamwork this year. Encourage creativity in your team members by letting them connect with their artistic sides! Who knows, they might find a new hobby! Take a look at pottery!

Batik Painting

Java is the place where batik painting, a traditional wax method for fabric decoration, first appeared. Learn how to use the traditional tool known as tjanting, which is a crucial tool in batik painting, as well as the fascinating history behind this art form.

Painting gives artists the freedom to express themselves in their own distinctive way and to experiment with a variety of techniques and colors to find what works best for them.

Scavenger Hunt

A well-known team-building activity, scavenger hunts are a fun and interesting method to encourage teamwork and original thought.

Employees are split up into smaller groups, depending on the size of the business or the department, and instructed to search for a list of items concealed in a certain location. To get to the finish, clues frequently lead to additional activities and clues.

The winning team is the one who finishes the scavenger quest first. Scavenger hunts promote team building and help employees learn time management.


A team of four to five people is instructed to construct a tent shelter in the attic to defend themselves from frigid weather as part of the scenario-based challenge known as Frostbite.

While the remainder of the squad is suffering from snow blindness and hence unable to see, the team leader is helpless due to frostbite on his or her hands.

The group that constructs the tent the fastest wins. It’s an engaging team-building exercise that puts the group’s leadership and communication abilities to the test.

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