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The curly hair care

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There were times when curly hair were considered to be people’s bane of existence. Women would use so much product to tame their curly mane. Some would put their hair at the constant mercy of hair straightener.

But not anymore. Curly hair have become rad, with people embracing their curly locks with all fervor. However, just because there is acceptance for curly hair does not mean that the difficulty is over.

Curly hair are extremely difficult to manage. There are different types of curls, and each come with their own set of challenges. Often, curly hair is more likely to dry out. Dull and dry hair not only look the part, but they are also more prone to breakage, causing you to schedule appointments with the Best Skin Specialist in Rawalpindi then.

However, just because it is difficult does not mean it is unsurmountable!

Taking care of curly hair

Shampoo matters, always

Shampoo plays an important role in your haircare, regardless of your hair type. But it plays an even more crucial role when it comes to curly hair.

Using a strong shampoo can cause hair and scalp to dry out. Moreover, a shampoo that is strong can cause the scalp to become dry, and it may then overproduce oil to compensate. Oily scalp and hair are not a sign of health.

So, use a mild shampoo that gives your hair just the right amount of care. If you want, you can use a clarifying shampoo once in a fortnight if you think a milk shampoo will not do the job.

Also, watch out for the frequency of washed. Over-washing is bad for all hair types but is especially not recommended for curly hair.

Use deep conditioning

Conditioner help in improving the texture and appearance of hair. It also forms a protective layer on top of the strand, which then helps it forming a barricade against damage.

So, invest in a good deep conditioner. It will aid in moisturizing the hair, keep it soft, and making it look shiny.

Invest in hair masks and treatment

Since moisture is what is lacking in curly hair, using targeted treatments that are aimed at hydrating the locks is important. There are many hydrating masks that you can apply to your hair. But if not, something as basic as oiling your hair can also be of benefit.

Oils like coconut, olive, almond, jojoba, argan are excellent for hair. You can mix a couple of oils or add ingredients that offer more hydration to your hair.

For convenience, you can do these treatments before you wash your hair. Then, make sure that you apply conditioner after you have washed your hair. You can try to leave-in conditioners as well.

Comb, not brush

For people with straight hair, combing and brushing are pretty much the same thing. However, for those with long hair, making this distinction is important.

Brushing might not be apt for them, as it is harder to deal with the tangles with the brush. This can lead to damage to the hair as well as breakage.

Instead, invest in a good comb that resolves the tangles, but does not stress your strands.

Moderate the use of heat

It is better that you don’t use heat on your hair. So, instead of blow drying, let your hair air dry. Similarly, don’t use a straightener very often. Alongside side sparing use, also use a heat protectant as well.

Wash with lukewarm water

Hot water may feel great and soothing, but not for your curls it doesn’t. It strips off the moisture from the hair that were already dry to begin with.

So, make sure that you don’t wash your hair with hot water, but instead use lukewarm water. Even for your skin, hot water can be very drying. For people with skin conditions like eczema, it might create greater problems, meriting then a visit from the Skin Specialist in Lahore.

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