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Fun Things to Do in the UAE

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Looking for some fun things to do in the UAE? You’ve come to the right place because we’re going to take you through some of the best activities and attractions that the UAE has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly activity or something a little more adventurous, we have you covered. Without further ado, here are some ideas!

Climb Atop the Burj Khalifa

If you’re going to the UAE, then you have to go to the Burj Khalifa. Not only is it the tallest building in the world, but it also offers some of the most incredible views. If you’re feeling brave, you can even climb to the top of the building. With the observation deck located on the 148th floor, it’s not for the faint of heart. But trust us, it’s worth it.

Visit the Dubai Museum

If you want to learn more about the culture and history of Dubai, you have to visit the Dubai Museum. Located in the Al Fahidi Fort, this museum is one of the most popular in the city. With exhibits that range from traditional Emirati music to weapons and armour, there’s something for everyone.

Explore the Desert

Next, you might want to explore the desert. Whether you go on a safari or simply take a walk, the desert is an experience you won’t want to miss. Just be sure to dress appropriately and stay hydrated because it can get incredibly hot during the day.

Shop at the Gold Souk

No trip to Dubai would be complete without a visit to the Gold Souk. This iconic market is home to some of the best jewellery in the city, so it’s worth your time. Even if you don’t end up buying anything, it’s still a great place to window shop and spend time with loved ones.

Go Diving

If you’re to dive anywhere in the world, go scuba diving in the UAE. Above all else, the water is crystal clear and there’s an abundance of marine life to see. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never forget. Even if you’ve never been diving before, there are plenty of schools that can teach you the ropes and show you the underwater world safely.

Visiting Ferrari World

For those into vehicles and speed, a visit to Ferrari World is a must. It’s home to the world’s fastest rollercoasters, as well as many other pulse-pounding rides. You can also learn about the storied history of Ferrari and see some of the most iconic cars ever made. Even if you’re not a car enthusiast, it’s still a fun place to visit.

Try the Underwater Zoo

As crazy as this sounds, the underwater zoo is one of the most unique places in all of the UAE. You can see all sorts of marine life, from sharks to turtles, up close and personal. They even have a glass tunnel that you can walk through to get an even better view. As far as aquariums go, this one is ideal for the whole family.

Enjoy the Wild Wadi Waterpark

Finally, if you’re looking for a place to cool off, the Wild Wadi Waterpark is the perfect spot. With over 30 different rides and attractions, there’s something for everyone. From thrilling slides to lazy rivers, you can spend the whole day here and never get bored – just be sure to bring your sunscreen. If you’re not convinced by the Wild Wadi Waterpark, you have another option in Aquaventure.

Whether you’re visiting the UAE for business or pleasure or you live in the country, be sure to check out these fun activities. You won’t regret it!

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