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Interesting Ways to Cheat Math Exams

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Students usually find mathematics challenging. And, why not?

They are surrounded by the people who have created the scary phenomena around the subject. Students just follow their experiences and never try to master the subject sincerely.

Whatever the reason, our entire world is surrounded by fantastic math formulas and equations. You can hate the subject but can’t ignore it.

Especially if you are learning math in school or university.

Developing math skills becomes more challenging for college students. They are surrounded by tons of distractions.

Moreover, many students are busy with jobs, family life, or extracurricular activities. That makes things more difficult for them to learn the subject.

Students spend sleepless nights fearing coming math exams, and piles of math assignments. The only option left is to chat about math exams.

That’s the only option left with the students. But, always remember any kind of cheating is against academic integrity.

Moreover, if you get caught, you will face severe consequences. We never promote cheating in exams. Before thinking about it, visit MyMathLab Homework Answers!

The online math tutorial makes things easier for the students like you.

Hey, don’t worry; you are reading the right blog. Here, we are going to discuss the Interesting Ways to Cheat Math Exams.

Here we will discuss the amazing tips you can use to cheat on math. Always remember that the tips given here are only for your knowledge and educational purposes.

So, here we go!

Tips To Cheat Math Exams

Cheating is using any unauthorized means, information, technology, and study that help you get the solutions. Online proctored exams have proved successful in stopping cheating during online exams.

However, modern learners never miss the opportunity to devise techniques that aid cheating. There is much confusion between educators and learners about the cheating definition. But that’s not a significant issue.

Students who want to pass exams smoothly always follow unethical methods. Here are some practical tips that help you cheat on math exams.

Using Smartphone

Modern technology has opened many doors for students to hack or cheat on online exams. We know the majority of exams are conducted using proctoring technology. But, still, there is a loophole that students exploit. They use their smartphone or other devices to search for exam answers. Moreover, students can install numerous apps on their phones that aid math cheating. 

Music Player

You can easily use audio notes during online exams. You just need a piece of music played where you have already recorded all the solutions and hear the one that seems difficult for you. Just a hoodie or long hair helps you conceal the device. You can even take a bathroom break and listen to the difficult questions in detail.

Use Fingernail

Writing the solutions on your fingernails requires art, skill, and patience. Besides, that sharp fine tip and ink will do the work. You can write notes on your thumbs and also on the skin. This trick is perfect for girls who like to grow their nails. They have more real estate to write the solutions for the math exams.

Use Brim of the Cap

Many students wear caps indoors to look dumb. But, it offers you the exciting option to write answers on the cap’s brim. That means just looking up and getting the math solutions during exams. However, it’s not a subtle trick to perform in classrooms. The disdainful instructor may ask you to take off the cap during exam hours. Be careful while using this trick.

Craft Hidden Notes on Thighs

This is one of the oldest trends and still working in the modern educational arena. You can tape the notes on your thighs and cover them with a skirt or shorts. It just requires a perfect execution so that you don’t get caught and write down the correct math answers. However, you must use Delta Math Answers Key to enhance your math skills. 

Use Tissue

You can write down the math solutions on tissue paper and use it to cheat on math exams. You just need to justify why you are using the tissue and need pretend that you are having a cold. However, don’t make the tissue too visible and use it properly. Otherwise, it will raise suspicion, and you may get caught.

Create Impressions on Blank Paper

You can use this trick when you are allowed to use scratch paper in the math test. Just write the formula or equation on the sheet of paper utilizing another sheet below. When completed, you can use the sheet underneath to cheat on math exams. Just write in a way you can see the written impressions correctly. Always use a similar kind of paper as recommended during the exams.

Use Mirror Glasses

This time you have to devise some special equipment. If you wear mirrors, you must be aware of the mirror glasses and how to implement this trick. You can use them in broad ways. Like you can use it to get the rearview to copy the classmate. You can write the notes inside, which are not visible from the front. 

Use of Pen or Pencil

This again requires specialized skills and technique. You can write the solutions on the shaft of your pen or pencil. But, be careful if your invigilator is eagled-eyed. You can engrave your math solutions on the shaft to use them while giving the math tests. However, it’s a trick that requires tons of practice and patience.

Focus on Study

The best trick to provide all the math solutions is regular study. You don’t need to devise weird techniques and can write the exam without fear. You just need to practice the math concepts regularly and, if required, take your teachers’ help. They are always available to polish your math skills.

Last Important Words 

Math has been haunting students for ages. But, usually, it’s because of external factors. Believe us; math offers you to score 100% if you focus on the math lessons. Using unethical means to pass the exams is never appreciated.

If you have any issues related to math, contact online class helpers. They will surely help you with every math assignment and even take your math exams. No need to fear math anymore! Practice math and live math.

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