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The Amazing Secrets That Will Make Your Custom Candle Boxes Thousand Times Better

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Custom Candle Boxes

There aren’t many things in the world that look good at every gathering, but the things that do can transform the vibe of that place. One of those many things is the candles. Candles have been used for as long as one can remember, but it has revolutionized so much over the last decade or so. Back in the day, candles were only seen as a source of light, but this isn’t the case anymore. 

You see, with the evolution of the human race, this industry also revolutionized, and now candles aren’t used for light because we already have access to that. These days, candles are used to transform a place of vibe, whether it be your office, home, religious gatherings, weddings, birthdays, or a nice bath after a long and hard day. 

Candles these days come in different scents, and you can light one according to your mood. This industry was worth around $7 Billion in 2021, and stats showed that it would grow at the rate of CAGR 6.5% from 2022 to 2028, which would see this industry hitting the mark of $10 Billion. This is a staggering number, and building a proper and dominant brand just like in any other industry, is a long journey. 

But there are things you can do to gather more customers without spending huge budgets on marketing campaigns, and the best one of them is with the help of custom boxes. Custom boxes will help your brand stand out from the rest and can play a key role in the success of a business. 

So, in this blog, we are going to tell you amazing secrets that you can use to make your custom candle boxes thousand times better. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Use Graphics Depending on The Scents 

As we mentioned above, candles now come in scents, and most of the market is dominated by such candles. One amazing thing you can do to stand out from the rest is to have multiple packaging themes depending on the scent of the. This sounds expensive, but when you look at the difference it makes, you will happily spend a fortune in getting the right themes for variations of your candles. 

What this does is that they attract customers because while other brands are just talking about the scent and the base of their candles, you, on the other hand, can show them through graphics what they are going to spend their money on. For instance, if you have a candle that is citric-based, then you can use lemons or oranges for reference.


No matter the niche, you must have packaging that stands out from the rest, not just because it has popping colours; you need packaging that is soothing to the eye. All the top brands you see in the world don’t have packaging that has too many things going on at the same time, but elegant packaging that turns heads. Elegant packaging makes your product look high-end, and such packaging influences the purchase decision of the majority of customers.

3D Visuals 

The world is not short of top-class packaging designers, and everyone can have access to them by paying them for their services. We see it all the time in aisles of a store where one product has great packaging, but the product kept next to it can have even better packaging, so you need to do something entirely different. This is where 3D visuals can be a literal lifesaver because these visuals make your product pop out and gain all the attention when kept in a store or at your website or other E-commerce platforms.

Keep It Relevant 

Remember, you are selling candles and not some other product. Your product packaging has to be relevant to the product packed inside the packaging. You can also use different colours depending on the colours of your candles. You can’t just go for packaging that looks good; ensure that the packaging makes sense for the customers; otherwise, you can lose a ton of customers by making this small mistake.

Use Labels 

Using your brand label on your custom candle boxes is one of the wisest decisions you can take in your journey to becoming a dominant brand in this space. Customers love it when they think that they are getting more value for money, and doing this won’t cost them a fortune, but the results are exemplary.

Using labels makes your product look unique in this cluster of candle brands. Not only do the labels do that, but they are also used to provide information about the product, for marketing, or to wish something cheerful to the buyer. On top of that, if you are using eco-friendly packaging materials, you can use labels to flaunt that part also, and customers these days care about the environment.

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