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5 Most Common Myths About Hiring Developers Offshore

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In order to expand business in a sustainable way, companies have started investing in offshore development which has grown exponentially in the last few years. As with the ever-increasing popularity of offshore development, companies have a fair chance to choose from a massive pool of talented offshore developers.

Despite this fact, many people do believe in some of the common myths when hiring developers offshore. This has resulted in tremendous negativity around the offshore model because of which companies tend to miss out on exceptional growth opportunities and exemplary performances.

However, in today’s closely knitted and hyper-connected world it doesn’t seem to be daunting when it comes to building a team in a virtual setup. So, if you are of the mind to hire offshore developers but can’t proceed further due to these myths about hiring developers offshore, then let’s make it easy for you by debunking them. 

Get clarity on the 5 most common myths about offshore developers

  1. One of the most general misconceptions about hiring offshore developers is that their employment is only viable for medium-sized businesses. However, companies of all sizes and undertakings can equally benefit from offshore development, as there are many large organisations and even SMEs reaping its benefits from quite a long time.
  2. It is natural to think that there can be a communication barrier while working with remote developers and there may be a chance that you might lose track of your project. But in reality, you need to be much more aware because these offshore developers have seamless management experience and know how to handle multiple projects from different locations. Plus, there are many online platforms like Zoom, Jira, Skype, Slack, and Trello where you can easily connect with the team anytime and anywhere.
  3. Cost is undoubtedly one of the significant benefits you can leverage but not a sole one. As it is possible to cut down almost 60% of the operational costs if you hire dedicated developers in UAE besides being helpful on strategic and tactical levels. Further, it enables organizations to hone down on their core liabilities, giving them access to a global pool of skilled individuals, and much more.
  4. It can be tricky to hire offshore developers. However, it can be made easy if you do research work strongly and deeply besides carefully reviewing the capabilities of developers you want to hire. You will be able to connect with your dream team of developers, ultimately, who believe in delivering bar-raising products as per the industry standards. Prior to finalizing them for your project, make sure to review their client testimonials and portfolio.
  5. Information security and data protection can be a major concern depending on the type of work being offshored. Although, these security risks can be a matter of concern even when it comes to onshore. A clear-cut contract outlining can ensure consistency and responsibility in regards to safety and security defining who is liable for what.

The bottom line

There is no doubt about it that finding the right and skilled talent gets difficult with the ever-growing complexity and increasing demand for web and app development. Here is why offshoring development is a new way to succeed. 

If you go beyond these common myths about hiring developers offshore, you will experience that offshoring has a variety of benefits. By being aware of the common mistakes and risks associated with hiring offshore developers, you may go for the best option or even hire voice app developers or hire dedicated developers in UAE to achieve the desired outcomes for your endeavour.

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