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How Many Dwellings Can I Have On My Property?

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The rules and regulations of every state are different and that is why you need to keep that in your mind when you are building more on your property. It is going to depend upon the rules and regulations of the place that you are living in and it is very important to keep them in your mind so you can avoid any legal problems. If you go against the law then you will have to face many different problems level and then the government might fine you for not following the rules.

In this article, we will discuss how many dwellings you can have on your property. So keep on reading to find out more information below about Minor dwelling builders.

Dual Occupancy

If you have a dual Occupancy then it means that you are allowed to have two different dwellings on one piece of land. Any important factor that you need to note is that it is also referred to as an attached dual Occupancy. In this case, they are attached, and then if you are interested in getting houses that are not attached it is going to be called Detached dual Occupancy.

Secondary Dwelling

A secondary dwelling is a dwelling which is also known as a granny flat and it is going to be a separate piece of house in the same language is going to be separate from your main home. It is a portion that you can include if you want to live privately but you also want someone else to live on the same piece of land with you but you don’t want to brand them permission to your main home.

How Many Houses Can You Have On One Property?

  • Several houses you can have on one property are going to depend on the law of your state. However, if your property is big enough then you can only have one or n a 50-foot area. However, it is not a given number because it is going to be a flexible number and it is going to depend upon the size of your property. 
  • It is always important to get in touch with the government official and roles and regulations for you to do such a thing because you do not want to get in trouble. If you have one house on one property then it is not going to cause you any trouble. 
  • A new trend is coming in which people are building more houses on a single property but it has to be according to the building codes. It is possible for you to have two houses on one land and it is going to be a double lot. 
  • Most of the time these houses are created next to each other and their look the same as well. It is a great way to utilize the space and it is also a very important trend that is going on right now in the real estate investing sector.


If you are wondering if it is possible to get more houses on one piece of land then it is possible. Back in the day, people use to have separate houses for guests on the same piece of land.

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