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IOL Mail Puts An End To Your Email Service. Know What To Do

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IOL Mail

If you (still) are using an IOL mail, it’s the right time to consider switching to a different email! It’s up to you until November 30th in 2018 to complete the process.

It’s the right time to end an additional Portuguese mail service. In this article, how it will be happening and what you need to be thinking about now.

It was created nearly two decades ago Grupo Media Capital was able to keep its e-mail service, known as the IOL throughout this time. But the time is now to move forward and shut down the IOL service.

If you visit the IOL E-mail Access site A yellow warning is displayed “The IOL e-mail will end on November 30, 2018. Find out how you can export your emails by visiting this page”FAQ”

IOL has informed its customers via an email that reads “The IOL email will close”. The address of the email is no-reply@iol.pt.

If you’re an active user of the service you’re using, do not overlook this email as if it’s just a joke. This is real! The 30th of November, 2018, it is expected that the IOL Email service will be shut down or removed.

What does the termination of the IOL email service mean?

IOL Mail
IOL Mail

The demise of IOL’s e-mail service means that customers will not have access to their mailbox from November 30, 2018. In the event that no action is taken the users who use this service will lose any and all e-mails as well as contacts.

This information is also applicable for those who have different emails that ended in @vizzavi.pt, @netc.pt and @maisfutebol.pt.

For those who wish to start an email account however, it won’t be an option.

Is it possible to save received emails?

Of course it is. In the same yellow notice there was a tutorial link was added. To access the tutorial simply click on the FAQ page or click here.

To keep your emails safe from being viewed by the IOL To protect your email from the IOL, it is suggested to make an email using Google, Gmail, and forward all your emails to Gmail.

And the contacts?

You can export the contacts to a VCF file (file) and save it with a name of your choice, for example “rcube_contacts.vcf”. In the case of Chrome, it automatically downloads the file (file) and it stays in the “Downloads” or “Downloads” folder.

The downloaded VCF file (file) can be opened later with one of the following programs: Windows Contacts, Outlook and People.

Using this VCF file (file), your contacts can be placed in your new e-mail account (Gmail, Outlook, among others).

Password (password) forgotten?

If you are unable to recall your username or username You may be unable to retrieve it. If this happens , and you have any other concerns or concerns, you’ll need to reach us by sending your email address to help@iol.pt. Within a few hours, you’ll receive an email back with your PUK as well as a link which can be used to retrieve your password.

Do you use IOL email on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks?

If you are using this IOL email for social media, you can continue to use it. For instance, if you signed up on Facebook using an email from IOL and you have access to the account, you will be able to access your account and remain able to login using the same email.

If you are unable to access your Facebook or other social media account, or have forgotten your password (password) and you forget your password, you’ll never be able restore your account, since your recovery emails will reach address on your IOL address.

It is therefore recommended that you change the login to the social networks you use by switching the IOL account’s email address. a different email address.

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